Fly to fit in

When two different nationalities (people) decided to be together for lifetime, they will face the real changes in their lives. New places, new people to mingle every day is about to start. The new challenges are certainly here, next to you. There it goes, “the Language”, that must be learn, to be able to communicate, since there are more countries with different, uncommon languages.I know the feeling of women who is trying to fit in to her new world after she gets married. I am in the same position like every other woman out there. Same boat, in other words.

There were cases which were really hard for both of us, especially right after the wedding. We went to his country (CZECH REPUBLIC) and live here. New environments, people, tradition and culture, laws, and what was worst, these language difficulties. I was in deep agony, anxiety, and most of the time stressed. I don’t know where to start. I will be lost if I will just walk somewhere since almost nobody is speaking English.

Oh my God! I also can’t shop alone because they don’t understand me. I have remembered, I didn’t even buy a gift for my husband’s birthday. Isn’t it great? I can’t buy gifts, because I don’t know exactly where to go, and how? My husband told me “that is okay honey;
soon you will be well oriented to this city”. Was that making me feel better? Yes of course, this has helped me to temporarily lessen the pressure inside of me. I am not able to talk with my in-laws without my husband being translating every word, one by one, slowly, clearly, until I will understand, since they don’t speak English. Here you go. Desperately learned and continue learning.



Here is another one; “I am in the new world.” I often said that. I am here experiencing the different kind of weather. Here is that spring, summer, autumn, and winter, oh yeah! What a change! I have never experienced this before, since i am from the Philippines. I was just experiencing the hot weather except from the typhoon and of course this cold wind during the “BER” months such as September, October, November and December; but I can’t help myself, i really love it here.

Pressure for a new start, but I still aimed to be successful in this kind of changes and challenges. Get well, and be able to attain your perspective goal to learn these new environments; never stop learning or trying, because you will be successful when you tried hard to fit in!!!



You can’t be perfect, but you can be best!

How about you? How did you tried to fit in?

9 comments on “Fly to fit in

  1. Hi Anicka,

    Very nice words used in your blog. It seems that I am feeling the same like you when I was in Prague in April’11. I am Rajesh from India and visited Prague for the first time. I faced many time problem of English speakers but will salute Czech People that they are always there to guide me and show the way. I have visited Prague for the first time & fall in love with the city.

    I really miss what I have felt during my small visit. I might be plan to settle one of the small city of CR.

    Keep writing Anicka.

  2. Nice blog Ms. Anicka! Very informative 🙂 Its funny i can see your Mendrez paper bag from Philippines (I am a Filipinia myself) 🙂 Hope to get in touch with you. Could you please give me your personal email? If its ok. I am a about to go to Czech in next month and would love to ask some of your personal views.



    • Hi Carla. Yeah its funny though. We were at philippines that time last february. So I shop a little before I went back here. 😀 my email is same as in my info im using that as my personal email.:-)


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