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As I mentioned in my previous topic, I am married to Czech citizen, year 2010. Right after the wedding we planned to move to Czech Republic, to start our own life. It was also my very first time to travel with airplane. I was excited and nervous as well. We arrived to Prague airport last November 6, 2010

My first day in Czech Republic was actually great. My husband and I planned to go shopping the day right after I arrived.It was cold and winter season is about to start. We got many problems, because I didn’t had any clothes and  shoes to wear for cold weather. That time I realized, I am totally unprepared.  We went to shopping mall with my mother in-law. We tried to find where we can buy clothes for me and also shoes. It took time to find my size, because I am so thin and almost every clothes for winter was sold. Winter is about to start, so what to expect.

We went to every shop inside the whole mall to find at least jacket for me. We end up to brother in-laws shop, and thanks to him. There is only one XS size jacket left to his shop and two XS size of long sleeve with different color, but same style. We immediately bought those three and again trying to find the boots for me. Here you go again; we never find boots because my legs are too thin and almost every boots in the shop were big. Hopeless, and decide to go home. The next morning we looked around to city center, and luckily we found one.

So there I started. Since I was prepared in everything, we started to explore Czech Republic

Our first stop was big city of Prague. First thing I observed was the clean  surroundings. They really have wonderful environment. Awesome! I saw so many old  buildings, castles, different,kind of architecture. No wonder, why many tourists are  going here often. Huge beautiful gardens are everywhere, wonderful! They said that,  you will never leave Czech Republic without visiting;

Karlův Most 

 and other tourist destination such as;

Vltava River

This river will leads you to Germany according to the tour guide on the boat.

St. Vitus Cathedral 

Never say no! to this cool car.

You will not dare to leave Czech Republic without going to any of those fantastic destination and views. So pack your things, and fly to visit and explore Czech Republic.


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  1. Hi, maybe we can be friends, I travel every year 2 x to philipini because i have wonderfull girlfriend there and i just like it there. I like you kind and smiling people. So i just returned from Puerto Gallera last week. Have a nice day!! Robert

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