Cigarette down! In the name of Love!!!

Fight of my husband against cigarette!!!

My husband was smoking since he was 18 years old. He was doing it every 15 minutes and most often when he was stressed, problem about the work, and when he needs to resolve some issue. It was obviously his addiction, and I admit that it will be hard for him to stop it immediately. When I told him to stop he just said “I will try honey” or “it is not easy honey, I need to try slowly”. He did try somehow, but it was bad, because he was always nervous and easy to lose temper.

I was about to lose hope that he will stop, until one day last July 13, 2011, he arrived from work and while we were talking in the living room, I was surprised when he told me;

“I will stop smoking to prove that I love you so much, would it make you happy?”.

Wow! I was shocked, with a big wide smile on my face. I can’t hide it. I was extremely happy and that time I asked him why? He just responded;

“because I love you so much my honey, and I want to make you happy”.

It was so nice, it was so sweet and I will never ever forget those words.

The same date July 13, 2011. I observed him the whole day, he never go to balcony to light up cigarette. Though, I knew how hard it was for him. He told me that night that he must do something so he will not think about cigarette. He walked to kitchen to living room, back and sits, he really fought and he won. He often bothered me when I was working in the kitchen. That was his one way of fighting with cigarette. He said;

“I must be at least near to you honey so I will not think about cigarette”.

I told him that I will help him, and support him no matter what the outcome will be. First three days without cigarette was worst. He was often nervous, started to have bad mood, and so we always did something which will makes him forget about cigarette. There were some effects when he stopped smoking. He was always starving and craving for food. He was sleepy so early, which is not bad at all. He came from the office and looking for something to do. Activities that will not make him think about that cigarette. I came up to this idea, that cigarette is evil. First that helped him was candy; instead of cigarette I am giving him candy, just like a baby. It didn’t last for long, because candy is not healthy. We tried to play some sport, but the problem was the weather never wants us to play. Horrible weather, it was always raining and wind blew so much. We can’t do anything anymore, until we end up to exercising activity at home. Yes! We finally found something to makes him busy and focus. Every day after work or during weekend, he is exercising and me while I am home, I am exercising too.

Every night there was counting going on inside our small flat. We were counting how many days, weeks, etc. since he stopped smoking. After counting he was happy, it was probably because he knew that he is making me happy by that. Yes, it is. I am happy, and not worried anymore, I knew that he will be healthy. Of course I am glad that my husband who smoked since 18 years old was done doing it. He was thanking me for being a supportive wife, who fought with him until the end. “Woohoo! Great job honey, you are 1 month and 20 days free from cigarette”.


Here is the changes since the day he stopped smoking.  He is able to eat to non- smoking restaurant. 

Say goodbye to your addiction.  Put you heart into it, do it with courage. There are many ways to be inspired. Use your wife as inspiration, your girlfriend, your parents, and even your own health. Remember, there are many people who love you, waiting for you to start quitting that addiction of you. They are just waiting to say “I am proud of you, you finally did it”.


5 comments on “Cigarette down! In the name of Love!!!

  1. I am just proud of you couple. So emotional this is for me. Yes, truely, you helped him get out of the addiction and his efforts in getting out of it were no less. And see the pure reason he gave to want to quit, “i want to make you happy”, those were words from a true heart i read. 🙂 Have a happy life.

  2. 🙂 yeah, I am much more happy when I can share how great it is, to have husband like him… 🙂 Continue to follow.. it will be a pleasure. 🙂 Thank you

  3. Hi Anicka, I would just like to thank you first for your encouragement and advice in regards to my blog I’m sorry I did something wrong and I can’t seem to show your post or my reply on my blog, if you could send it again perhaps I could try and work it out.

    Anyway this is my reply to you…Thank you Anicka, I appreciate your advice very much, Bloging is still all very new to me and to be honest I’m a bit confused but like I do with you I also appreciate Dunia’s help too, your kindness shows you care about others and value them as people of worth.

    Dunia is a friend of mine now she encouraged me to start a Blog after posting on hers, I didn’t know how to respond to her post at the time but wanted to thank her too so I thought I would thank you both together and then I worked out how to reply, but not sure if it’s the right way and I still need to know how to add my picture like yours or how to add your post and my reply I can’t remember how I did Dunias anyway as you said it will all come together in time.

    In regard to smoking yes it is not easy to give up even though the physical addiction only lasts for approx 3 days, but not so the habit and emotional dependence they last much longer, it’s been 30 years since I smoked but I can still relate to the battle that your husband is having. What I appreciated the most about your sharing Anicka is the fine qualities that are in the heart of your husband, he is indeed a man to be proud of but as they say behind every great man is a Loving, Supportive woman, so you too are to be commended.

    Thank you again and God bless you both greatly – Christian Love Anne.

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