My loving husband

When you hear, loving husband, what first things came to your mind? I don’t know exactly how to determine if husband is a loving person, is it exactly this?

I was writing my new topic for my blog two days ago, September 1, 2011,  afternoon, while washing our laundry. I also exercised, and read my book to learn Czech language for  two hours.

That was the reason to forget something important to do. Suddenly, my husband arrived. I never knew that it was past five o’clock in the afternoon. I haven’t eaten yet, drink my daily protein, and every day vitamins. I was putting our laundry to our balcony when my husband says,

“honey, did you eat something already? Did you drink your protein? Did you take your vitamins”?

Oh no! Here comes my husband. I responded to him,

“I don’t hear you honey, I don’t understand”.

Pretending that I don’t understand what he says. He came and asked me again the same question. I told him,

“no honey I never had anything yet”.

I was busy doing many things that day. I totally forgot what I promised to him the other night before we slept, that I will eat as soon as I wake up, drink protein, and vitamins. He immediately told me

“what? It will be six in the afternoon now, and you haven’t eat anything yet? What are you up to, women! “.

Trust me; you will laugh when you saw his face while telling to me those words. I laughed because he tried to be serious but he wasn’t. He actually was smiling while he told me that. It was sweet and I felt that he really cares about me. I was just born to be stubborn. (Giggling) I said sorry of course.

 DAILY VITAMINS                                                                               PROTEIN 

He went directly to kitchen, grabbed protein, and vitamins for me. He actually likes to do that. One way to makes me impress. Well, I am always impressed when he did something for me. So there it was, I sat on the dining area, ate bread, drunken protein, and took vitamins. He told me,

“remember, five minutes after you woke up, you will take proteins, eat something, and take your vitamins”.

It is really sweet, when I asked him,

“why you were so strict?”

He told me  “I care about you and because you’re my wife” wait for it; “because I love you and I want you to be healthy”.

Aha! There were the fireworks of hearth up in the sky. (Giggling)

After doing what he told me. We went to living room and looked to his work together. He kissed me and gives me foot massage right after he finished his work.

He is my husband. Strong personality with really good and loving heart just for me!!!

Can you tell me who your husband is? 

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