My husband and I at the woods!!! Amazing!

I was almost four months in Czech when I started to go around anywhere by walking, and by biking. Since riding on a bike is one way of exercising, my husband and I bought bikes. First stop was long way farm, headed to woods. It was great and really nice scenery. I was amazed to the straight, thin woods and flowers which naturally grow in that place. Fresh air was there, free from pollution and dust. Nice sounds of the leaves waving when wind blew. Those birds sang beautifully, like they want to entertain people who were in their world. The sounds of a running water from Small River. Everything is perfect

We were so exhausted riding on a bike, but it feels good when we arrived to woods. It was great to actually feel the nature. While we were there, I wanted to pick up different kinds of flowers. There were flowers with scent and without. I asked my husband

“Is it ok to pick up flowers here, nobody will be mad at me?”

My husband laughed and responds to me,

“Why they will be mad at you, that flowers are just here, nobody owned that”.

Well it was better for me to ask first before doing something, because I don’t want to end up to jail. We continue our journey, and end up to one tree, which has image of face with opened mouth. My husband tried to get the whole image on the camera but it wasn’t much visible. It is probably because I was there trying to fit my head on the mouth image, so it wasn’t visible. It doesn’t matter anyway. I actually saw, what exactly that tree looked like. It was funny, and cute.

We went home right after our first journey. Of course, I didn’t forget the flowers. I brought them home and put it to flower vase. It was wonderful.

If you want to relax and be free from stressful day at work, and escape from boring life of yours’, go ahead and feel the relaxing scenery of nature. Get some extreme challenge, and fill your eyes with beautiful memories.


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