When was the last time your husband gave you flowers? Did he give it to you because he apologized about something; was that occasionally, or was that just a surprised? We woman have this attitude of being demanding. Oh c’ mon don’t deny it! We want something but we don’t want to tell that to our man, because we are expecting that he’ll do it by himself, without asking what we really want.

 There are many ways to keep your man aware to what you want. You just need to be more creative and a bit more demanding in some cases. Though, I am not saying that you should tell your husband to buy you this, that, and everything you want. What I am trying to say is that, be demanding and try to get your man’s attention over any other things. Get some excitement in the relationship that will make both of you to love each other more. A simple flower for at least once in a month is one thing that you can demand to your man. How to do it? It wasn’t easy, as you thought it was. It depends how confident you are. So let’s start.

I didn’t asked my husband to buy me flower, I just told him that I want flowers from him (Giggling), though he was doing that before we got married. I just wanted to be more demanding to makes him think that I exist and that he should always think about me anytime, anywhere. I was waiting at home, I felt so excited. Excited that my husband will arrived and that I knew that he will really bring me flowers. He did bring me flowers, and I was so happy. I was thanking him and kissed him to show him my appreciation. I asked him to again bring me more flowers the next month, but instead of flowers he also bought flower vase. Awesome isn’t? There was a time that he doesn’t have flowers for me when he arrived and I slapped his face, to remind him that he must have think about me before he gets home. Don’t think I was bad. He knew that I will be doing that if he wouldn’t have flowers for me. He was aware. I continued doing punishment and demand flower, until one day it became his addiction. He wasn’t doing that because of punishment but because of me. He was thinking about me while he was in the office and there was a time that he doesn’t even want to get up from the bed in the morning to go to work because he doesn’t want to leave me there. I was surprised; I don’t expect that it will be good like that. The result of what I did was really awesome!

Giving punishment wasn’t bad at all. You must have to teach your man to be more responsible in the relationship, and not just work. Doing it is like putting some spice in relationship that will leads you to a better once. You must be more active, and dominant sometimes to make your man do what he must do.

I did not share my story for you to do same things like I did, but if you do have concern to your relationship and want it to make better, then why not try. There wasn’t harm in trying. Nothing at all! Remember that it was just my example, and you can ask for other demand except from flowers. There are many to choose from, just be smart and do it because of love. Do not demand jewelries, or any other things which are too materialistic for your man, demand something he can provide for you like massage, flowers, food, etc. Demand is not about money or gold, it is about love.


  1. good!!! i just cannot tell ‘nice post’ or ‘nice blog’…i just cannot, becoz these posts have so much life in them(of course they should, as you are writing about real life 😉 ), it is apt calling these nice real-life supplements for us, to learn how to make relations stand and last for ever long. nice.. 🙂

    • Thanks S Jayanth, I like to share real life story, 🙂 so I can provide good details and if someone ask something about it, I can easily respond because it happens to me, it will be too easy. 😀 I thank you for being the first one to leave comment.


  2. Dear Anicka,
    Interesting Post, You might be a Mac and he/she is a Pc. At to start with it is intriguing to see him/her, like an bestial you’ve by no means observed previously in the wild. Your partner’s sexxy geeky, you happen to be classy, arty. He/She will get you actively playing Warcraft and ogles as your character modifications her armor. To him/her, you’re a wild beast that specifications to be tamed. Your partner’s functional and you’re not. It really is enjoyment to look at him/her squirm as you fly by the seat of your pants even though he/she calculates each and every transfer. You snicker as he/she meticulously puts with each other that earthquake preparedness kit. What’s not to adore? Yet, you truly feel like saving a connection time has arrived.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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