When I was in grade school, my goal was to be in honor list. There wasn’t anything important for me than to walk on the stage, made my parents proud, for achievement I got from the school for the whole year of studying. Yes, I can say that I was successful during my grade school. I made my parents proud of me, during the whole six (6) years. I went to secondary school, and same goal was in my heart and mind, to make my parents proud, to achieve what I want, to be on top list of graduating student, to stand over the crowd. I did not fail, I did great, and I actually was in the top 10 of my batch. I felt great, and confident that I will make it again in my college life. I passed on the entrance examination in Manila (Philippines) for my college degree. I thought it will be great to be far from the family while studying, but it wasn’t. It was horrible and felt nobody was there to look after me, unlike before someone always asked me if I had homework to do, how was the day in the school, and etc. I am not contented to what I have, there were always something missing and I can’t figure out what was that. I continued to study, but suddenly end up to my third year second semester. I don’t know what happened that time, my life changed and whole day was a mess. I was often depressed and upset that I did not make it. I was sad that brought some disappointment to my family, reason why I started a gap, and have a bit distance from them. I thought I was a failure, so I stayed in Manila. I continue my journey; life must go on after the failure. From that day forward, I started to dream again. My goal is to help other people as much as I can. Share as long as I have enough for myself. Make my family proud in any possible way; to have my own family, loving husband that will stay with me for the rest of life, and kids that will respect us and love us no matter what. I probably did one or two of them at once, as well as to have a loving husband!

It was me giving donation to school, and has the privilege to lead graduation pledge year 2010.

Family of mine in the Philippines.

It was the perfect chance to realize that everything is not always success, which sometimes we need to experienced failure to succeed again in life. Everything might suck sometimes, but if you do something and make it better; in the end you’ll have what you want, you will again find the way, the right road to success.

Now, here I am in the other part of the globe. Living with my loving husband, and continuously stepping on the road of my new journey. Hoping that from the day we met and until the end, our path of success will stay right here next to each other. I know that we just started; there will be more challenges and obstacles along our path. Hoping that; we will be together and happy no matter how far our journey will go. We still have a long way to go, still more roads to follow, and paths to choose, different turns to pick to be able to reach the top of success. Still a long, long journey;  there will be shadows might turn us down, lead our knees down to the ground, but there will be light; enough for us to get up, and reach the top of success together in this life.

My loving husband.

2 comments on “ROAD TO SUCCESS

  1. Hi Anicka, a well written article and yes so True we can indeed learn a lot from our experiences in Life good and bad, we can as you shared also let them be destructive causing ourselves or others heartache or as you sought to do, use them in a positive way for encouraging and uplifting ourselves and others.

    What I have learnt in my life with many attempts to succeed in my own strength that success like inner beauty is not from outward conformity or will power but comes from where our focus is and so something that has caused me to seek for the right focus in life was a verse in the Bible…

    Mark 8:35-37 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    And so Anicka I now know it is not about will power but God’s Power and when we Trust in Him He will lift us up and we will be successful although not as the world sees or seeks it and we will have real self worth and won’t need worldly self esteem or praise.

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. That’s really true Anne, everyone needs to learn from every experiences, no matter how bad or good it was, just need to live with it and be happy and soon you’ll see that it will just get better 🙂

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