Dobrý Den

Dobrý den (Good day), the first greeting I often heard from those unknown people in Czech Republic. They usually used that instead of saying dobré ráno (Good morning), dobré odpoledne (Good afternoon), dobrý večer (Good evening). I am living here for like almost seven (7) months now and still I am amazed from all people here, who were so polite.

I am not used to greet people before, since I was using smile when someone greets me or else just the word “hello”, in my country. I remembered during the time that we were looking for flat to rent, my mother in-law was curious why when someone greet me Dobrý den, I am not responding but instead, I was just smiling or say something like hello, which she don’t understand because she don’t speak English, or at least basic.  I can’t do anything with that, because I am not used to greet people the same way like they did, but then I was sad that I was born to be shy. It’s not that I am being snobbish to anyone, but because I was shy and don’t have much confident to speak a little of their language. Time passed-by, I was learning at home how to speak, how to make it with their accent, which is not that needed, since everyone has their own accent when speaking different language. I made it; I ended up learning much more words than others can do.

I walked somewhere alone when my husband was at the office. I walked out from our door and say goodbye for a while to my quite world. I was at the elevator and thinking what to do when I saw Czech people and what to do if they greet me. Here it come, I was about to open the main door headed outside when someone gets in. The woman said

 “Dobrý den”

 I was surprised when my mouth says the word Dobrý den” in respond to her. I was happy and shocked that I did it without any problem, or hesitation. I walked and arrived to our office but nobody was there. They were in the coffee, so I did go to Chinese restaurant where they always take coffee break. Before I arrived to coffee shop, I encountered again a woman and greet me Dobrý den again, and I again reponded.

The next day after that, we were going home and headed to taxi. I greet the taxi driver dobrý večer, which I am not doing before. Wow, big progress right? I was happy, that moment and I asked my husband,

“Did you hear that honey? I greet the driver dobrý večer.”

He responded to me

“Yeah, I heard that honey, that’s good!”

Oh yeah, since then, I started to just greet people when they greet me too. I realized that I just need to try it at least once then the rest will follow. I just needed to gain confident at least a little to make it better. So everyone, “DOBRÝ DEN”.

6 comments on “Dobrý Den

  1. Hi Ann,

    Very nice writing. When I read you; I feel that I am reading a writing of small & cute kid who want to learn everything from start. It seems that your language is very polite and wanted to share what you have learnt. This is really good habit of course.

    Keep writing.


  2. So true.. 🙂 Feeling like a kid who must start learning many things over from the very beginning. It’s really nice when I know that someone is reading my article though! Thank you anyway! 🙂


    • I was always shy, and really hard during the first year. It’s like always scared to try everything you know, but sometimes we really must to or else we will be losing more of ourselves.
      Sometimes it is better to try than to be shy,, step by step, we will make it. 😀

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