Never gets bored!!!

There are many reasons why men are cheating to their woman. Why is that? I still don’t know the feeling of being cheated, since I have my loving husband that would rather jump from our balcony than to cheat on me, and because I always asked what he want and I will immediately do it in order to make him the happiest husband in the world. (Giggling) Nowadays, many women are suffering from depression, because of being cheated.

Men are just men! Most of them are looking for something extra in relationship. Let say everything extra. Other men are cheating to their women because of many things like; want to experience something else; bored with partner; want some fun; some are really addiction and can never control; and most of them are looking for something extra that they cannot see from their partner. Oh, if you are man who is currently reading my blog, please do respond if I am right or wrong.

You will probably ask me why I know that stuff. Simple thoughts were resolved by asking. Yes, I did asked my husband the questions started to how, why, and when? My husband told me why many guys were cheating to their women. Something that made me worried was that my husband is a man too, he will probably do same thing like other man. Oh that’s right, I am being paranoid sometimes. Since I wanted to avoid situation like that to happen, I asked directly why? He said there are guys who has just addiction and can never control by any other means; some was just doing that because they were bored from their partner; and most of them were looking for something that their partner don’t have. Oh yeah, I got an idea now, and it’s more and more clear, like crystal clear!

What other women have that you don’t have? What other women can do that you can’t? Simply ask yourself. Most of guys were ended up to some strippers club and find a woman to fill up their needs, and washed away their boredom. So what do you think? I am thinking that you must try to make at least some changes from time to time. Am I right? Avoid boredom and put just happiness in relationship, avoid cheating as well.

First: Clothes and outfit

The more outfits you try, the more attention you got. Why and how? I know you will ask me why and how, but my answer is because I tried that already and that’s really effective to catches your man’s attention. I tried to be a sporty, flirty, formal, simple outfits, and sometimes I did tried to be awful in dressing myself, but still make difference somehow. One reason why guys are cheating is because; they see just same things on us women, something they often see, no changes no surprises. So from now, try more things discover yourself. Give your man some entertainment too, so he will not need to go somewhere and find someone to entertain him.

Second: Characteristic and attitude

Why characters? I also don’t know, but I just did tried many times and it was good. I was dominant, sweet, a bit terror and strict, I tried to be sadist in funny way. So don’t think I am bad at all. If you try different kind of characters from time to time, your man will not be bore, because man always want different and something that will put them to edge of excitement.

Third: Discipline your man

The more you try to discipline a man, the more they will feel that you care for them and that you love him, enough for them to realize that you are everything for him and that he’ll never find anyone else than you! How to do it again? I will just give example, and that was what I did to my husband. I asked him to wear his slippers inside our flat. I told him if he don’t wear it I will punish him, and that’s what I really did. It’s really hard to wash socks when it’s dirty, so better wear slippers right? I also command him to not use much notebook at home, but instead give time to me, or else he will be punished again. He is doing that, and if he forgot to wear slippers, then he ran while laughing, because he knew I will do something bad to him. Everything I did was for us to have fun, and not be bore in each other.

Last: Communicate often

In every situation, you always need to talk before the day ends. What is best in relationship is to have best communication, talk as much as you can, discuss everything, ask your partner what will makes him/her happy, what you must do for him, and then try what you really can. Relationship without good communication leads to depression and separation, then to a broken hearts. Knowing what your partners thinking the whole time is the best thing to do. Being aware, will leads you to happy relationship.

The reaction of my husband when I asked him if he was bored with me was, “How can you asked if I am bored with you, never, you are just too different, funny and each day have different mood and personality, you are just awesome!”.

Note: My husband and I always asked each other the words “are you happy, are you bored, do you love me?” It is one way to communicate, and know exactly how your partner feels about everyday living with you!

So I think I give you lists of something you might do. I hope it will be useful for the others, because it brought great result to me and my husband, though he is not cheating on me, which is awesome and what I am grateful about. It is better to do it earlier than later. Do not let your man to feel boredom! Create good communication with partner, as often as you can, perhaps you don’t need to, but you must do!

Fill your relationship with happiness, to avoid cheating!!!!

10 comments on “Never gets bored!!!

  1. Love is a many splendid thing, thank you for sharing from your heart Anika, you are such an honest and beautiful woman and your husband is not only handsome but warm and fuzzy.

    When I’m sharing with Children I say to them especially the girls, your so handsome or pretty are you just as pretty/handsome inside, they nod straight away like they know of course what I’m talking about and I continue, do you Love others, are you kind to them too, do you do what your Dad and Mum ask you to do, are you honest and do you help Dad and Mum, by this time their really nodding, and do you pray and ask Jesus to help you each day and their heads nearly nod off ….do they really do all these things, the fact their nodding means they want to …how good is that!

    Inward Beauty never gets wrinkles.

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. Oh yeah, perhaps many women will need that. 😉 I thank you for stopping by. 🙂 It’s a pleasure for me, to share,… and if it will help at least a little in other people then I’ll be super glad.. 😀

    Thank you,

    • It’s a pleasure to share something that might help to others, specially to woman like me. 🙂 I hope they find it very helpful for them..
      Thanks for stopping by 😀 More tips to come!


  3. I think if this post was back 30 or 40 years you would of been spot on, But this is the new age of sexual openness, with the new generations of woman walking out into the big bad world leaving their hand bags and self respect in the door way whilst they “live life to the fullest”.
    Women cheat just as much as men do, And for simular reasons for example, Boredom. The fact is with the whole no sex before marriage thing, younger generations are rushing into marriages so they can do IT. Then devorcing when they realise they aren’t conpatable on a sexual level (which you can say i only think is important because im a man but it is.)

    This is my understanding of people who cheat on their spous, Because there dishonest people. If its not working its just easier for these people to just go get it else where for what ever reason rather than discuss it with their partners.
    So back in the day it was probably men exerting “their worth” but nowadays its just as much woman.

    Oh and i Suffer from something known as hypersexuality, and i have managed not to cheat on my partner, For one reason only. Because i love and only want her.

    Nice post.

    • That is so true. Woman also does 🙂 and I agree that most people who were cheating to spouse are those dishonest people.

      Anyway, thank you for stopping by and be part of my article. 🙂 thumbs up ( for you ) for not cheating to your woman. 🙂


  4. This article is so so true. Many women (but also men) thinks that marriage is just about going to work, then sits in front of the tv, play with the kids and go to sleep…and all of that over and over again.

    Boredom is the killer of relationships!! I know it by myself as the only thing what is left from my marriage are my 2 young daughters. Some conservative people can say that relationship is not just about excitement and sex, but thats just a saying. Of course its not all, but relationship without excitement is like home without kitchen – you need to feed your desires, you need to feed it with your loved one. If someone have their desires hungry, then he will go and cheat, like someone who is really hungry and go steal a food. And only few people are able to hide it and dont do anything about it, but please, all who read this, be it men or women – dont bet on that your partner is like that, start living your relationship to its fullest! Life is too short to be lived badly. Dont make mistakes like me.

    • True Melfista, that’s why I wrote the article I asked my husband many times, about many things regarding relationship, and the outcome was this. Men or women should always aware for what their partner wants.

      I’m sorry about your story, but I know your strong woman, 😀 Live life to the fullest with your 2 daughter. 🙂 I wish you happiness in life.

  5. I’m with you 100%. Women need to understand that it takes work to keep a relationship happy. No need to be a diva. If you have a man who treats you good and with respect, he deserves the same.

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