I may not be like any other famous expert when it comes to relationship, but one thing I am sure about is that, I know the better and I know it can possibly best. They said there is no perfect relationship. It is really truly does!

Each one of us is meant to be with the right one, out there. Look around you, maybe he/she is just sitting or standing next to you. Luckily, I already find the right one for me, so I will not be able to search with you guys!!! (Giggling) but I surely will help you though.

I love you, is not just the words, which can easily came out to our mouth. It symbolizes love and affection to each other, and everyone desires to have someone to say that words to her/him. They said love is not about the words, it is about action and how you show someone that you love him/her. We have different opinion with that then, because for me everything matters when it comes to love. Words, action and anything that will define love are everything for me. It will be probably just non-sense or not even important to some people, but for me; for most of us, that words are not just words, but something we want, something we always desires.

I remember one situation before my husband and I got married. During the seminar (it should be done weeks before the wedding in the Philippines) my husband and I were sitting next to each other, with other couple who will also get married. A woman who was assigned to do the seminar asked everyone; “How many times a day you say I love you to your partner?” Whoops! Oh no, she started to asked each couple; some responded 3x a day, 2x a day, someone said “never”!

When it was my husband turns to answer the question he responded,

“Oh, I am telling that to her each 5 minutes”, then he looked at me, and smiled.

He wasn’t lying that time. He really often told me, the words “I love you”, of course the crowd were in shocked! I think nobody believed to what he responded, since he was the only foreign in the seminar, and everyone was Filipino like me. Well, I know the fact that he told them what was real, because I knew that by myself. A woman who was assigned to seminar, laughed and said,

“That is great; you should always say I love you to your partner, never let the day passed by without telling her what you feel about her”

Oh yeah, we both were proud! A woman turned back her attention to the couple who never say the words “I love you” to each other. Definitely weird, that they will get into serious commitment without saying I love you. Can you imagine that? Me? Oh no, I really can’t imagine how they came up to that situation without that words. Weird!

A woman asked them, “Do you love each other? What are the reason why you two, never said “I love you” to one another? “

Guess what? They never responded because they were so shy. When a woman told them to say “I love you” to one another on the spot, they really can’t. They were just smiling and like playing it like a game. Until the end of the seminar, woman convinced them to say that word, but unfortunately they did not!

My husband told me, “What was wrong with that couple, they were weird”. Absolutely weird! I actually don’t know exactly why? They probably are just type of person who never shows anyone what they feel about each other, which is not bad, but a bit weird.

What I am trying to say about this article is that; take your opportunity to say words “I love you”, because you never know until when you will have a chance to tell someone the words they deserve to hear. Every second counts, and that seconds always makes someone happy and alive. So better say it how many times you want, as much as you can. Never stop! Make them feel love and in return, you will be loved!



  1. Hi Ann,

    Another good topic for relationships of couples & specifically husband-wife. I am not agree with that someone should tell “I love you”. I believe that if you care for someone, if you feel feelings of someone, if you touch with love, these all are un-expressive way of telling “I Love you”.

    In India, young couples tell each other “I love you” but some people never. It doesn’t mean that they do not love each other. This is common here. My wife like to tell me “I love you” but I am not.

    This is my personal opinion as topic related to love & feeling.

    Keep posting.



    • Hi Rajesh, I respect your opinion on how you see the need for words of Love to be expressed and although I do agree with you that Love can be shown in many ways and Anicka said this too, but words of Love are powerful they are reassuring and uplifting they also encourage us to want to be closer to each other and to commit. Perhaps as you shared this is why young couples tell each other all the time I Love you, it bonds them together but it needs to be reinforced no matter what age we are.

      But I do respect that being a Man it is harder for you, Men are stronger and were created to be in Leadership but your wife is your Helpmate in many ways and she can encourage you in how to express your feelings more, this is a gift Women have, which I feel Anicka expressed well.

      Saying I Love you is indeed powerful, and God tells us that it is so in the Bible, I hope you don’t mind my sharing this with you Rajesh….

      For God so Loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life – John 3:16

      Take Care Rajesh, I wish the very best for you and your wife and those close to you.

      Christian Love Anne.

  2. Hi Anicka, I Love your heart focus and yes we do need to say I Love you over and over again, the One I Love passionately hears it constantly and He tells me constantly too and shows me everyday
    in many ways just how special I am to Him and He gives me wonderful gifts that bless me greatly I seek to show Him too as you said Anicka that Love is an Action not just a word but it is also words and we do indeed need to hear them often.

    I would like to share with you just what His Love is like….

    His Love is Patient and Kind, and He does not envy, does not boast, He is not wrongly proud. He does not dishonour others, or is He self-seeking, He is not easily angered and He keeps No record of wrongs. His Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the Truth and He always Protects, always Trusts, always Hopes, always Perseveres. His Love never ever fails.

    Now you can see why I’m passionate about Him but the most wonderful thing is He Loved me first and He promised me it would be forever and a day, regardless of the cost to Him and what
    is so amazing is that I can have His Love for others just by being one with Him in heart.

    Anicka He Loves you too just as much as me and do you know I’m not one bit jealous because if you want to be that means we can be family.1 John 3:16

    Christian Love Anne

    • Hi Freedomborn,

      Thanks for sharing your views for Love amongst couples. I am thankful for your comments which I have expressed in my message.

      Frankly speaking, In India, majority (may be of my age = 40 +); believe in touch, feeling, careness, waiting (for someone), eagerness etc are related with feelings & love for someone. Saying “I love you” might be common in today’s yongsters but it never mean that I am not loving my wife. I mean to convey here that Indian expresses love in this way; 🙂 .

      Anyway, this is very good topic for everyone and I think I should start to say “I Love you” to my wife from now. 🙂 She like always that I should say “I Love you” some time.

      Normally, I use these words to who I love including my family, friends & relatives. Coz they are part of my life.

      Take care of you,


  3. Verbalizing the words ‘I love you’ or not, is a cultural thing, as Rajesh pointed out. In the East, people believe that love is silent understanding, and they are confident about love even when the phrase ‘I love you’ is not uttered. In the West, we hear it more frequently and it brings us reassurance. I personally love to hear it from my near and dear ones, only once in a while, and when it comes out spontaneously from one’s heart!

      • Hi Anicka,

        🙂 yes, It might be habit for you now for you & your ears to hear “I Love You”. Without that you will feel that something is wrong with your hubby.

        Take care,


    • Dear sprigblossoms, thank you for sharing about the Cultural differences in your Country and I’m sure as you have mainly only known this way of communicating your feelings, you do not feel any lack.

      Communication as you shared can be in many ways but words are powerful and they leave footprints on the heart good and bad, this is why God tells us to focus on what is good and wholesome, our subconscious minds stores everything. Sadly often cruel things spoken to us as a child will still cause pain even if we are not aware they are doing so when we are Adults.

      As a Christian I asked God to clean out all the hurt and pain that had been stored in my mind and heart and so I was set free. I would like to share some of our Loving Creator’s words to you and me I hope you don’t mind…..

      Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls – Matthew 11: 27-29

      Thank you again sprigblossoms and may you be greatly blessed by hearing the Lord in your heart telling you that He Loves you greatly, I will pray it will be so for you.

      Christian Love Anne.

    • Hi Springblossoms,

      Thanks for your sharing your message. You are right to say that East is little bit differ than West. But at both the place, expression of love is differ but they love. 🙂



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