I can’t stop thinking while I am alone and waiting for my husband to come home from the work. I was thinking why I like Czech Republic so much and why I feel great even though I am extremely far from my own country and family. Probably there were many reasons which continuously growing in my mind each day. Something different yet awesome!

Family: People in Czech Republic are great. I observed how family member treats each other. They were spending time and take a visit to one another from time to time or regularly. I like the fact that most parents here spent quality time to their kids, and take them to a very good weekend surprises. Oh what else? Grandparents don’t have to be worried about seeing there grandchild. I observed that grandparents always have a chance to babysit and to get a bonding moment with their grandchild, which is really awesome. Every day, I saw parents with their child in the playground. Laughing and trying to make their child enjoy life. They will not let each day to pass without any enjoyment happens with them and the kids. A simple thing like; brought them somewhere in the afternoon, to take a small walk, and even to teach them how to ride on the baby bike; a little girl pushing her own small baby stroller for her Barbie or toy. Yes, you will often see little girls here with their own baby stroller for their toys, which is funny and cute. They probably love to do same thing like their mother. Mother must be babysitting the kid until they will be three (3) years old. They should stop working for a while and just focus on their kid, spend quality time together. It is great because they will be part of the kids while he/she is growing, they will see every progress of growth. A mother who stopped working for kids, are able to received almost same salary that she had before. Great isn’t? I truly love it!

Traffic rules: I am honestly not scared to cross on the road here, why? They have such nice rules in the road. When you don’t see traffic light in the street and you saw pedestrian lane, people can go cross the streets and vehicles will automatically stop. They will not even reach the white line; they are giving people space to cross the road safely. A person who can’t see does not have any problem in crossing the road, because there was sound system on the stop light that will make some faster sound when people are able to cross the road, and slower sound when not. Seatbelt should always be used, because you will be paying like 500kc for breaking the law. Even if you are in the taxi, you must use seatbelt because if you will be checked by the police and you didn’t use it, then driver is not responsible to pay, it was you who will pay 500kc. Really great, isn’t?

Cleanliness and environment:  Czech Republic is perfectly clean. During the first few months of my stay here, was actually extra different. I must be honest that I was scared even to throw garbage in the right place. There were those waste containers which are located outside the condo building, and everywhere. Different containers with different colors for plastic, paper, bottle, metal, and for mixed garbage. By then, I was able to separate our garbage so it will be fine. Take note, you cannot mix some electronics to waste container nearby. Old batteries and broken electronic devices should be handed to some supermarket or shopping malls which have these special containers. They are doing that to avoid accident, so better hand those electronics devices and batteries to right place and not to those waste container near to your building. It’s better to live safer.

We visited some parks, and it was really clean. I never saw any garbage except from those leaves from the tree which fell down to the ground. Dog owners were responsible to clean their pets’ poo. It was actually great, because people here are used to walk every day, and it will be so disgusting to step on dogs’ poo. So they better clean that, or there will be paying penalty for like 200kc, if they will be caught.

We traveled in some places like; villages and city in Czech Republic, to be familiarized so I will be totally oriented here and will not be lost. One thing I observed was solar power energy system. They were everywhere; many of them were in huge farm and lots. My husband told me that there are many of those, and it was actually useful. Awesome!

Food court and shopping mall:  Through curiosity I asked my husband why when we ate in the food court, it was clean but there were no waitress/waiter or someone who cleaned that by purpose. People come and go, but no mess. Husband told me, that it was pretty normal in this country. If some eats something then he/she should put the tray they used to one corner which dirty stuff was located. No need to have anyone to clean up their mess, unless you will be in the regular restaurant or luxury once.

Since we were often in the cinema, and always went back home at about twelve midnight, I observe how it goes in the shopping mall. All shops inside the shopping mall building should be closed at nine in the evening (in my city, Jihlava), and cinema is until twelve (12) midnight. I was wondering why, all main doors of whole building wasn’t locked during night. I asked again my husband about that; he responded to me that it works like that here. It’s not needed to lock the main door of whole building as long as, shop doors were closed, nobody will attempt to get in and steal something from there. Well, anyway they don’t even have security guards during shop hours. Unlike any other countries, when people saw that building wasn’t lock they will use that opportunity to get in and steal everything they can. Here, is absolutely different!

Bus, tram, and subway: We are currently in the small city so bus is the often used for transportation, except that there is train but people not using that often, not unless they will travel a bit far from the city. I have been to big city like Prague which has tram and subway. It’s pretty cool because instead of buying tickets to ticket boot, you can use your load balance on phone to buy the ticket for 20 minutes, 30 or even hour.  You are able to use that in any public transportation depends for how long your tickets validity.

For those who have kid or baby, they have space in the bus, tram, or subway for baby stroller. No hustle to travel with their kids using those transportations.

Water vs. beer vs. coffee:  Some people might be interested with the word beer. (Giggling) Czech Republic is in the top list of countries by beer consumption. People here have strong alcohol drinking culture, the reason why they have cheaper cost for alcohol than the mineral water.  For half a liter of beer cost 20CZK, really small cup of coffee cost about 15CZK, and 300ml of mineral water cost about 20CZK in the restaurant. What a price! That price was bad for me because I am not into alcohol, I love coffee and water. (Sigh) So if you are alcohol drinker, then be glad to visit Czech Republic, for their cheapest beer.

Fruits everywhere:  Wow! Never say no, to pick fruits nearby. Oh yeah, that’s right, I often saw apples just near to road, and you can picked them whenever you want. Aha, there is more, cherries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, and many more, during spring and summer. Can’t stop craving to fruits. We went to woods and I saw blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries everywhere and can’t stop myself by gathering and eating. Fresh fruits are awesome! I would rather gather fruits in the woods than to buy in supermarket because they are usually super bad and mixed with damage pieces of fruits. (Laughing)

Four season country: I like it here because I am able to experience four different kind of season in a year. Spring starts at month of March, summer starts at June, autumn starts at September, and winter starts at month of December. It’s a bit exhausting and really expensive for different kinds of clothes to wear for each season, but at the same time it’s pretty much cool!

I remembered my first winter here, I felt so uncomfortable with all clothes on me. Heavy feeling on my shoulder seems that I was carrying really heavy metal, but the reason was the winter coat. I am not used to wear such clothes. My husband was making fun from me that, clothes and coat was probably heavier than my weight! So true, I was thin so any type of clothes for winter was heavy for me. Funny!

So I guess, I have put some of the reasons why I like Czech Republic so much. If you visited this country then why not share how was your experiences here, or if you are expat like me, and then share your life now, give us a bit preview of your life.



  1. Hi there, I am also a Filipino away from home. I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay in a foreign land

    . I will be ending my work contract here in KSA and probably find a job somewhere else.

  2. It must be strange and wonderful to have the opportunity to live in a culture different from your own. I hope you continue to enjoy your new country. Is this a permanent move for you?

  3. I have lived in the Czech Republic for 3 years and i must say that its really a huge difference between there and LA, but also different then another old European countries like Paris, Vienna or London. What i have observed as a big difference is that people in Czech act more like a family between each other. They are not obsessed just with their own good, they are always glad to help without expectations for any compensation. Czech really has that brilliant old school feeling, be it when taxi driver tell you to pay 100 even when taximeter says 105 (in most countries, taxi drivers will just rob you as much as they can) or when you get into trouble with the car, everyone immediately stop to help you and even give you fuel for free if you cant pay back to them – and thats even more impressive because of the fact that they are really not rich in there.

    From what i have observed and read, the biggest problems in Czech is political corruption and gypsies along with other immigrants from the east whose intentions are not that good. Without it, i think that there will be no better place in the world to live. However, even if i would like, there is no possibility for me to live in there, because my 2 beautiful daughters are in Los Angeles and i cant really immagine to move somewhere else.

    I am a little envy to you -) Hezka den, cau -)

    • Yeah, gypsies and political coruption are definitely the biggest issues here. Gypsies and most eastern immigrants are unfortunately raising our criminality much.

      20 years ago, in the days with low ammount of immigrants and different political regime, people didnt even care about opened doors of their homes at night here or locking their cars or bikes. In the past, girl could go everywhere alone at the midnight and dont even think that there is a possibility of being robed or raped, Criminality was just something what almost didnt existed. You could have go with a milion dollars in your pocket and nobody would even think about trying to rob you. Something like that was unimaginable before. Now, things are not that sure, unfortunatelly, the whole world is getting more and more dangerous everywhere and honor is an unknown word for many people.

    • It is, 😀 People are just so polite and always helped other people without expecting something in return. Nice place to stay, specially in some small cities, and villages. So quite and peaceful. 🙂

  4. Anicka, your blog gave me an opportunity to peep into czech society, the country and the life there from oriental perspective. I love to visit the country. Thanks keep writing. I too have created my own blog yesterday. I too love writing on various aspects of life.

  5. hi, mrs. anicka, i’m so happy to read your story in czech republic, this country seems so good. well, but i heard that local cats doesn’t exist anymore in czech republic now. yea i mean it’s like we will hardly find roaming cats there. i’d like to know whether it’s wrong or right. thank you

    • Hello there,
      With my experience, I have seen just very few cats roaming around the city or street, but you will really not find more of it here this days. As far, as I remember; I have seen few cat’s on the street in the city of Brno. 🙂 here in our city Jihlava, I think I saw once before and never happened again. So, there still some few local cats, but not more of them, you can see them by chance,…

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