It is now month of September, and autumn season started. The wind started to be a little cold, especially in the evening. It’s getting dark earlier these days than the previews months. The leaves were mostly turned into different color and fell into the ground. I must say, I am excited to see how autumn started and how it will end

My husband and I planned to go to Prague to discover the city over again. Since it was weekend, we slept to hotel for one night. Weather was just alright for us to walk and look around. We went to one huge park called “Stromovka”, and from there I noticed that leaves were started to turn into different color which was really wonderful; other was fell into the ground, and wind breeze was relaxing and definitely different than usual. We walked through and continued to enjoy the place. It was so romantic; walking around while leaves were falling and felt like showering us slowly.

My husband often said that it was nice and fresh air during autumn, just totally different. He was taking a deep breath often and getting fresh air and put it inside his body. Seems like that. He was right; I also felt that wind breeze changed.

Upon observing the whole area, I saw lots of people with their pets, families and couples were enjoying the moment together with the beautiful scenery of autumn. Couples holding hands, while walking on the path and leaves were falling. Families were enjoying picnic with their kids, and family friends. So here I come, I took photos of this fantastic place. I also make photos of my husband with lovely scenery of leaves around. Suddenly after I took photos of him, and he wanted to take photos of mine, but he dropped the camera and here you go, it’s broken. (Giggling) Funny moment always strikes.

We went to shopping mall the next day, before we went back home. Shops were started to sell many coats, jackets, long sleeve, and sweater, for autumn and winter season. People were shopping like it will be end of the world soon. Well, I would do the same if I know that I will not be able to buy or see good stuff later. So yeah, it’s better to shop now and pick something good than to shop later and everything left was bad quality for cold weather. Just like what happened to me, the first time I arrived to Czech Republic last year. Nothing more to choose from, everything was sold. All good qualities were gone, so now is the right time to shop.

Autumn has just began so keep updated!





 City of Prague in Czech Republic, is pretty big. You have many places to visit like; parks, castles, gardens, zoo, bridges, cathedrals, and many more. It’s just one and half hour from our city Jihlava to Prague with bus. We thought that there will be not much crowd because it’s autumn, and usually tourist are going during winter or summer, but we were wrong. There were much of tourist even if it’s autumn.

Since we don’t have much time to look around, we just go by subway and and stop to dropping point destination written in the subway route. We saw “ Vyšehrad“ , we never been to that place so we stop by and looked what was there

As soon as we arrived to our destination, we started to walked through and went to the top to see the fantastic view itself. Here you go, wonderful place plus the relaxing wind breeze, leaves from the tress around. No wonder why many tourist were traveling far from their country to visit some places like this. It’s worth it anyway.

We thought Vyšehrad was small place to visit, but it was also huge. Ups and down, and sorrounded by so many beautiful views to see from the top. We saw the walls sorrounded, not huge as great wall of China, but enough to use to depend their country long time ago. My husband and I didn’t stop to take photos, until we saw the beauty of place. Those trees which has beautiful golden colors of leaves. It was definitely proven that autumn started to strikes Vyšehrad.

While we were walking, I asked my husband what was in Vyšehrad, if there was castle there or cathedral. He said he wasn’t sure about that, because he is not much into traveling before. So by then, we walked and looked, where was the castle or cathedral. We were not sure. We arrived to place were there were many people. I told my husband, that there was probably castle, but no! It was cathedral, it was huge and really cute arthitecture. Beside cathedral was a cementery, I supposed to take photos but I was a little shy because its cementery and I would rather let them be there and not take photo, as a respect. There was also place called King’s Place, after the cathedral.

After king’s place, we went to top again on the other part of  Vyšehrad. Here again was the fantastic view, the river, and some biking area, for those who would rather use bicycles than car. Good for exercising, and saving earth from pollution.

My husband told me, not to stand near to edge. Probably scared that I will make some bad movement and I will fall from the top to bottom of that place. ( Kinda sweet right?)

Time passed by and we must go, and leave the place. I felt I don’t want to, because tress don’t let me. Felt like there were connection between trees, leaves, and me. Well, I can’t help it. I was amazed to beautiful views in that place because its also autumn and everything shines the brightness of colors. My weaknesses were colors, trees, flowers and stones, which was everywhere in that place, so no wonder why. Autumn just brought more colors to Vyšehrad. More alive, though leaves were falling.

Goodbye Vyšehrad, we will stop by again next time.



  1. yeah Autumn has just began and in this season the trees are going to loose their leaves and the best thing about autumn is that it is an alarm for winter so that we should be prepared for winters.

  2. Autumn is a very lovely time of year where I live. Bright, sunny days, milder yet still warm temperatures, leaves turning color, goldenrod and purple asters everywhere. Wonderful season for long, refreshing hikes.

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