Few days back, I was horribly shocked from my email. Oh I received one comment to one of my article. At first, I was happy and excited to read it, but then afterwards, I was upset. I wondered why, someone don’t know how to be polite in telling something, in a way that will be a little professional or not being rude. I appreciate the fact that she put effort, took her few minutes of time and wrote a comment on my blog. As a respect I wouldn’t post it here. I must say, she gives me idea, what to write today; what article and what would be the content.

Anyway English is my second language. Most of the time my articles contains errors and typographical errors, same as others. I probably also talked to someone using my bad and horrible grammar, well I truly admit it. I am certainly sure that I am not alone in this world. I am currently residing in one of the European country. They have different languages here, and just few people know how to speak better or even a little English. I must say, I am still blessed that I am able to speak English to everyone, and I know three languages now. Learning is best! English language is important for me, when communicating to other people, when traveling, and also for writing.

Upon writing the articles, I never used anyone to correct my grammar or if someone will, then it will be my husband’s job. I never used private editor, to check if everything was right or not. I don’t pay anyone to do the job of editing before articles will be published, unlike the other professional. I do it by myself, without using dictionary or any other tools that will lead my writing to perfectness. I am writing blog article not even one month now. I already have almost 900 views, few subscribers and lots of comments (bad and good). I considered myself newbie and beginner in blog world; I never tried that ever since. Since I started writing, I was aware that I will encounter horrible comment consist of message about errors and grammars. I was expecting that when I started my first ever article. They said, the best part of being a writer is to write using the heart. Yes, it was actually great when you wrote from deep inside and not just because you must to.

Unfortunately, it happened 2 days ago. . I can’t stop anxiety, which rolling around my heart, after I read the message. I am started to be a little insane, but after few words from friends in blog world, I just realized; I will be better in my own way. I am happy to what I am doing, and letting other be part of what’s happening to my life. I am glad, I met some friends through blogging, and they were there to give comfort.

I am happy to write and share about my personal life and knowledge. I do believe that, one day soon; I will be able to be better than what I am now. For now, I am not a dictionary to have much meaningful words for you, neither encyclopedia to correct the details itself, I am just a human. I am the error maker and the problem solver. I am human who commit mistake, even in writing. I am who I am, I am not playing perfect because I’m not, and I will not be. I am not playing smart and intelligent, I am being with myself.  You are also human and if you do, so do I!


  1. Dear Anicka, I very much understand how you feel, it’s a bit long my story below but it may encourage you that someone else walks in your shoes. I’m going to share with you a post which is very simular to how you feel but my problem with writing is for different reasons as you will, I changed the man’s name, I wrote it to him a couple of mths ago….

    My Post…
    To be honest Tom, I really don’t care when I post if my punctuation and grammar is not exactly right although I do try, I’m not looking for an English lesson I’m seeking to add to the conversation . I don’t call other people racist names or use language without checking if what I’m saying is OK, some words today are slanderous to others, or do I use written words that puts others down intentionally and I don’t feel superior in myself to any one else regardless on their Nationality. To me every one is a person of worth and that is what is important to God, not if I error with grammar. He knows my heart and that I Love all Mankind and would not internally hurt anyone, but I do not always accept or agree with what they do and say and God is the same, in Truth He gave me the guidelines to live my life according to His will and He also empowers me so I can, I am a cracked vessel but thankfully He is the Supper glue.

    I’m Dyslectic and have great trouble with spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as maths, I was over 12 before I could read and write and my coordination is not always good but thankfully there are also blessings with being Dyslectic.

    The spell check does not always pick up my spelling errors, nor do I when I read through my posts, also when I write it is sometimes back to front so I spend time checking for these types of errors … you would say… the cat sat on the mat … I would say the mat the cat sat on… both saying the same thing but yours is easier to understand.

    I guess Tom you will just have to write up my errors with punctuation and grammar as one of my weaknesses or shortcomings, like when people forget names, sorry I do this too and I don’t always remember to take the rubbish out on Tuesday night , and sometimes on my Mobility bike I forget to give a right or left hand signal because I’m watching for cars who keep cutting me off even on pedestrian crossings, oh yes I forgot I some times burn the toast, not to mention forgetting to send a Birthday card now and again and so on… does that give you enough ammunition to go on with ? if not perhaps I will think of some more of my faults and I will be sure to let you know.

    Tom I have wasted time responding to your criticism of my weaknesses with writing, when I could have been posting in regard to something more important so please if you find any more errors that I make, write a letter to the Newspapers they may even do a whole Editorial on my mistakes and everyone can get into the act … I can just see it now…

    Anne Stocks has done it again !!! she should get a new spell check with punctuation and grammar included. As loyal Tax paying members of this great Country of ours we do not have to tolerate such ineptness, we all should write to the Government and have her transported or at least have her Disability pension taken off her … come on start posting, let her know she has goofed again … and so on and on.

    But for now Tom be assured I have taken to heart your criticism and will seek to mend my ways… that’s if I remember… Oops!

    Kind regards Anne

  2. Anicka, I would like to give you a help next time you have a post about your writing that upsets you, I posted it to Tom and he said he liked it but still put me down about something else, some
    just keep on keeping on so we just walk away.

    i agin Toms am sure yu gunna be appy for me…

    Eye halve a new spelling chequer
    It came with my pea sea
    It plainly marques four my revue
    Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

    Eye strike a key and type a word
    And weight four it two say
    Weather eye am wrong oar write
    It shows me strait a weigh.

    As soon as a mist ache is maid
    It nose bee fore two long
    And eye can put the error rite
    Its rare lea ever wrong.

    To rite with care is quite a feet
    Of witch won should be proud,
    And wee mussed dew the best wee can,
    Sew flaws are knot aloud.

    Eye have run this poem threw it
    I am shore your pleased two no
    It’s letter perfect awl the weigh
    My chequer tolled me so.

    This Should Make Thungs A tot Esier!

    U all take care now Toms… Luv Annie.( my Pen name )

  3. Anicka-there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your English. In fact you express yourself quite well. As for grammar, I always think of what Thoreau said: “Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will follow it.” There’s nothing unclear or confusing about your writing. That commentator was just being a bit of a fussbudget.

  4. Hi again Anicka, I meant to commend you once again on your honesty which was shown in what you shared about yourself in this statement….Most of the time my articles contains errors and
    typographical errors, same as others. I probably also talked to someone using my bad and horrible grammar, well I truly admit it. I am certainly sure that I am not alone in this world.

    So True Anicka , your not alone as you can see from what I shared with you, but of course you can improve and you will as you become more use to the language but sadly I’m this way forever unless God heals me again.

    With Tom I forgave his rudeness and moved on in Love and was even able to have a laugh about itas you couls see, instead of being bitter and resentful which would have only hurt me in the end.

    Take Care Anicka – Christian Love Anne

    • Thank you Anne,
      You’ve been so supportive on me during those times. 🙂 I appreciate everything. Thank you. 😀 Also for warning me about one thing, we both know what was that 🙂


  5. My dog has not been well Anicka, and I have had very little sleep over the last few days, but at least I have had more time to post but once again I forgot to commend you and on a very important quality that I have noticed you have and that is your modesty you are indeed a very beautiful person inside as well as out and unlike a lot of woman who brazenly flaunt their bodies for all the world to see your beauty is within you and because you know this you don’t feel the need need to do what they do and from what you shared about your husband he is very proud of you and I’m sure he does not want your physical gifts shown to others… what man would who cherishes their wives, Anicka you are so blessed to have each other and to know the Joy of being one.

    Thinking of you – Christian Love Anne.

  6. The definition of a blog is an online personal journal which in my opinion means that you can write about whatever you want and however you want to write it. This is afterall your blog. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let other people’s comments worry you. They are not perfect either. Keep up the great work because many of us really do appreciate your talents.

  7. HI Anicka,

    I think today’s post came directly from heart & not from mind. I believe whenever you express for yourself or your thinkings; it doesn’t matter whether it’s grammatical correct or not. Even in your language, when you express, your heart will come first & then mind.

    We should take any hurdle as getting a chance to learn somehing new. Person learn only from Failure & not from Success. This is the FACT. When you succeed, then you make a History. If you are failure, nobody is there to remember you.

    Anyway, keep posting. Always believe that your posting are from HEART & not from MIND. So there are chances of mistakes in terms of grammar or language.

    Take care,


    • Dear Rajesh you impress me as a very wise man thank you for your encouragment although it was for Anicka it uplifted me also, yes it is what is in the heart that is important not words and leters can often be very cold and impersonal or is it the shortness or length of what we write important unless restricted by rules, sometimes body is needed other times a few words can say a lot.

      Thank you and may you be greatly blessed.Rajesh

      Christian Love Anne.

      • Dear Freedomborn,

        Thanks for your warm words. As I written, I believe that one should not go to grammar or language but should look to heart, eyes, body language (if meet physically); coz I believe that words can’t express everything but your eyes, lips or body speak.

        Anyway, I love to observe body language when meet someone and I will say that I am 99% right when I judge the person by body language & speech. Even I say for you that you are open-minded, brave, extrovert, helpful, believe in God, Believe in family relationship, humurous & hard-worker. I might be wrong; but confident more than 70%, I will be right. 🙂

        Take care of you.


  8. Hi Rajesh, You are more then 70% right, but if you had mentioned my weaknesses and shortcomings you would not of scored. I’m also very passionate in my beliefs and I stand up against any type of injustice, I am humorous and I do not consider myself any better then anyone else in the world although I hate the evil some do, but I would help anyone who was in trouble and I have a passion for the Elderly and Children. If you clicked onto my picture you would learn that I’m also disabled and ????

    I’m proud of who I am but not with a worldly pride but a Godly pride, it was Him who drew out of me the Love I feel for others and created in me a strong Sprit and a willing heart of faith and because of these I’m very thankful to Him and yet II have not enough words to express my heartfelt thanks for His gift of Salvation given in Sacrificial Love..

    Like you Rajesh I look for the good in others and focus on their strengths not their weaknesses
    I also notice about you Rajesh that you are a very humble, caring man and I feel gentleness and compassion are in your heart too so I’m thankful that our lives touched as I am with Anicka.

    God bless you greatly and so much so that you realise just how much He Loves you, if you don’t already know.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Dear Annie,

      Thanks for your warm words and I believe that good wishes from humanbeing & animals always keep you gentle & happy. I never visit temple to pray GOD but believe I must not hurt anybody with my WORDS (it harms more than physically) or behaviour.

      In our Hindu mythology we have Holy Book called “Bhagvad Geeta” which gives all the information about life “how to live and what to do during the life”. I have not read that but heard the words and sentence somewhere and believe them like GOD.

      I have seen your profile also. I am happy to know that you are happy with your life and living it as gifted by GOD. Everyone should be happy with it as LIFE is always PRECIOUS gift from GOD.

      I have chatted Ann in the morning on Gtalk and found that she was very happy to see so many mails on her post. This is what you can give somebody.

      If you cannot give anything to anybody than it’s better not to hurt anybody with what she/he has.

      I am simple & person with philosophy of life. I even tell anybody “I am what I am” when someone ask me why I behave like this or why I do like this.

      Anyway, sharing the feelings & writing is always Good for everyone.

      Keep posting with Ann.

      Warm regards,


      • Hi Rajesh, thank you for sharing with me again, I appreciate you revealing honestly what is important to you and allowing me to do the same, we need to be honest in all our interactions with others, it is very important if True friendship is to grow.

        I hope you don’t mind me asking you to do this Rajesh but try to imagine that your wife is walking in her sleep towards a slippy cliff, would you try to rescue her even if it meant you had to grab her and throw her to the ground, hurting her very badly, but knowing if you didn’t she would fall off the cliff to her death.?

        Or would you prefer to let her fall or perhaps would you remove the cliff ?

        I have a Blog which I have just started, Anicka was a great encouragement to me when I first started but I still have a long way to go before it’s complete but instead of trying to explain as you have done so well my heart’s focus if you want to look on my Blog in your own time, you will see it’s reflection, the link is below but perhaps it would also be good for us to still continue our conversation here so our dear friend Anicka can also share if she wants too.

        My Blog – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/welcome-children-of-the-king/

        Take Care – Christian Love Anne.

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