After few days of rest in writing article, here I am again. My heart drags me here in front of my notebook and says, “Don’t be lazy Anicka, put your fingers on the keys and write something new. There were many readers who are looking forward to read something today”.

 Oh yeah, I am not crazy, I just felt from my heart that I want to write. This is where I am supposed to be, in front of my notebook. Writing something, and time to share again. I had been drown a bit because of hard time few days back, reason why I must rest at least a little so I will be able to concentrate again. Here we go, Anicka is back!  

I woke up this morning, and I have nothing to do first than to check my emails while I was still in the bed. I was gladly surprised to each comfort and inspirational message from each commenter on my recent topic which published the other day. Since then, I was rushing to type my husband a text message, and told him to go and visit my page while he was at the office. I was so excited to show him how many people likes me and blog, comfort me, and cares about me. I told him, I don’t expect much emails, but it was here. It came to me, and I am happy.

My husband was happy for me, and I felt it. He was that worried about me and sad last time that I encountered that bad commenter in my topic. He knew I am a little sensitive in many ways, so that he was the first one always must be affected much before me, because he knew that I will took it from the heart. One thing he wants me to do since before was to be strong and confident to what I am doing. He always told me,

“You are doing great honey, you shouldn’t be sad”.

I got huge progress though, so that nobody can stop me (Anicka) from writing and I never will.

After I have told my husband regarding my page, I get off the bed fast, and tried to reach my notebook. I supposed to start writing, when someone sent a chat message to me. A friend in blog, and sent me message to keep writing because many people likes my articles. It was a wonderful feeling, and I felt this day was awesome. A new day, and a new start!

Since I got this good mood, I went to kitchen and make my coffee, which usually my husband’s job. (He was making me coffee, when he wasn’t at work and mostly during weekends.) I went back to living room and start to think what to write for today.

While I was sitting, I realized that I truly was in the dark few days back. Admit it or not, I was there. I probably just fighting to whatever it was; denying that I wasn’t affected at all, but the truth was, I aimed to be strong! Now I never noticed that here it comes again, the light unto my path. I was successful, and finally reached the light in front me. Everything seems so clear again. (Sigh)

Have a wonderful day full of joy and success!!!  




  1. Hello Anicka!:-) I’m a brand new reader of your blog and first thing to tell you, I love your flower picture at the ‘about me’ post! And your writing, too, it’s simple and honest! If you have time, check out my blog, as well, it’s reaaaaally fresh -started 2 days ago!:-)
    Lots of hugs from Greece!

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