I saw parents with their kids, most of the time along the road, playground, and everywhere. Kids were just cute, sweet, awesome smile, and have innocent eyes. I often looked at them and they were just easily smiled back at me or looked like they wanted to know who I am. They cried like never ending, but still cute. Those were reason, why I end up to this idea, on when is the right time to have a baby.

Having kids are just totally lots of responsibilities. There are things that might change unexpectedly. They kept telling the words like; oh yeah, having baby? You will need to learn to handle your temper, and be patient all the time. Here she/he comes to wake you up by their loud voice crying early morning because they are starving, they need to play, and they want someone to look after them while in the small cute little bed. What else?

They said having kids will be so expensive. There would be lots of money to spend for them. I think that was true, because kids need much stuff, from the very start. Here are those baby strollers that need to be good quality to make them comfortable. Not just that, they need at least two different kinds of strollers. Diapers that must be change often, as hygiene. Shoes would change upon growing up. When you are living in the country like in Europe, you must provide your kid/kids to have different kinds of clothes for four seasons in a year, just like what you need as a parent. In short, savings or money should be a little tied up, and stable before getting into decisions like having baby.

Those are just few minor situations that must be considered when couples are planning to have a baby.

Love would take away. Here is the worst scenario that might happen, according to those who have experience about the baby/kids. Love between you and your partner is about to change? I don’t know why and how, but this issue makes me insane from time to time.

I am married, and I must be honest that most of the time, I wanted to have our own. The fact that those who have experienced have given their ideas, that having a baby can take love away. Why? I seriously don’t want that to happen between me and my husband. We sometimes talked about having baby, and I am perfectly sure that it wouldn’t happen. No one can take my love away from my husband, but who will believe in me? No one I think.

Nobody knows what are meant to happen when baby will pop up, in this world. I don’t know either, but I am sure about one thing. I will love my husband no matter what. I know that I will love baby at the same time, if it will come.  Love between partner that is something different; that will not change because we are just alone to live forever. Kids will have their own family in the near future and we as partner will be just us.

I am really curious and confused. I don’t know when the right time to have a little angel in the family is. (Sigh) For now, I should learn to be responsible first, love my husband every second, and probably a little angel will follow.



  1. Having kids is over 100% of reponsibilities and commitments. It’s just easy to become a Mother or a Father but being a parent to a kid is another chapter.:)

    Best regards,

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  3. Hi Anicka, thank you for your honest sharing about wanting a Baby and for posting the link to the story I shared with you, I hope it made you go all gooey, I will send it to you as an e-mail too it has beautiful music.

    Take Care Christian Love Anne.

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