There are two different kinds of wives; one is the working wives, and one is the housewives. There are women who are working, just like their husband. Earning money, and out of the house for like 8-9 hours a day. They were not being contented to stay home; they want to continue exploring themselves. Some are usually at home, taking care of kids, and doing household chores. How about those wives, who haven’t kids yet? We are alone, waiting for our husband to arrive from the work; preparing best things we can, just like what I am doing every day.

As soon as we moved here in Czech Republic, I was thinking what I will do whole day at home without my husband. Oh yeah, I don’t know much how to speak their language much, if I can then I am not that confident with it. Nobody speaks English, so no one to talk with. I have much agony, at first few months, because I don’t know if I would be able to be satisfied just at home. I worked on that, and I realized I have much more things to do than to think about being bored at home.

LEARN SOMETHING NEW. I started to think about something I don’t know yet. Followed by that, was to do the first step on how to make it happen. EXAMPLE: I don’t know how to speak much of Czech language, so what I did was bought books and started to read and learn. I am doing it at least 1 and half hour a day. Through this, I am able to have at least an hour to have less boredom at home alone during weekdays.

Learning something that you don’t know much was fun and interesting. You will be challenge and at the same time, you will have additional knowledge while avoiding boredom at home. Eventually, you’ll end up with a beautiful day full of learning with additional touch of excitement when husband arrive.

USE YOUR TIME FOR EXERCISING. I used to exercise at one to two hours tree times in a week, especially during weekdays. Since I was a little bored before, now I came up to this solution. Why not? Having a healthy body is making us more beautiful, blooming and much energy.

Use your time better, by exercising and making your body fit and healthy. If you do have lots of time, then I guess you might use that by giving yourself some extra ordinary discipline by exercising. Hour will not bother you anyway. There is more useful exercise that can be done at home. No need to go to gym, or hire instructors to make it better, because you can do it by yourself.

DISCOVER YOUR TALENT.  Last year 2010, I arrived here in Czech Republic the first I discovered is that; I have talent in drawing, and portrait making. I can never say that, I was awesome in that but good enough to play with it and improved a little day by day. I was making my husband and me, some portraits through our photos. I am trying to copy everything from there and the result wasn’t bad. Nowadays, I again discovered something inside me, the writing ability. I am trying my day to not be wasted, and this was it. It is like kept telling me to discover something rather than to sit whole day in the sofa and thinking about my boredom in this four corner of the flat.  I wrote everything I wanted to, and then now almost everyone can read it. Some people don’t like it but others really did.

When I was making my drawing and portraits, I am showing that to my husband when he arrived from the work. He was happy, and why; because the most important for him was me to be happy whenever he wasn’t around. He knew that I at least enjoyed something, not dying and not feeling that I am in prison here. He was the first one who felt happy, because I enjoyed my stay somehow. He bought me drawing pads, and everything that will help me for drawing and portrait. Now that I am also start writing, maybe one day soon, he will also buy me new notebook to use. (Giggling)

LEARN HOW TO GIVE GOOD MASSAGE. Since I am not doing much whole day, I tried to learn how to massage while at home. Well, I already know how to massage but I must improve since I have cute little small hands for that. Why I am doing it? It’s easy, because I wanted to massage my husband when he arrived from work. I must say; that is one way to lessen his stress from the whole day work, make him relax and not think much about work stuff which is a little toxic. In other way, it is because I don’t want him to think about any other things than me. (Giggling)

Every husband deserved to have relaxation when they arrived home. We as wives, must give that to them with all our heart. Imagine the whole day, just at work without us. That was horrible for them, if you must know! So don’t be so selfish and go now learn and not be lazy. Give your husband’s a relaxing massage.

LEARN NEW RECIPE FOR FOOD. It is possible that we woman are preparing just few recipes of food to serve to our partner. Is right or wrong? Well I wanted to be honest because I don’t know much how to prepare food. In short, I am messed in cooking. (Giggling) Usually, I am preparing two to four recipes. As I told you guys, I am horrible in cooking also because my husband is extremely picky when it comes to food. No matter how good my food was, still not much for him. He usually just takes four spoon of that food and then leaves it. “It is good but not for me honey”. That was his magic words.

I was frightened and totally desperate to do more, because I wanted to do something special for my husband. So I started to learned while waiting. Now, I am able to prepare more recipes.

CLEAN AND WASH. I am not often cleaning or doing laundry every weekend, because those are just time that me and husband can go somewhere together and enjoy each other whole day long. I did washing during weekdays, while husband was at the office. I think that was better, because you are free to move here and there without anyone moving around at the same time. Being a woman, it’s nice to clean without no one bothering and distracting us.

That was the best part that we can do, to give our husband a relaxing environment when he arrived home. We must avoid messy, smelly, and so much stuff everywhere in the house before husband arrive. He deserved good refreshing scenery inside home. We wives must maintain cleanleness everytime, specially when we don’t have kids yet. No excuses to be messy!

GO AROUND BY WALKING. I don’t want to be dependent in my husband anymore. Give him much worry, and extra baggage to carry because of me.  So what I did was went outside, started to walk alone and started to greet people. I want my husband to be comfortable that I am away sometimes and not like prisoner inside our own flat. I walked through, and also tried to visit him in the office by walking. It was just almost twenty-five minutes of walk from our flat to office. I enjoyed it anyway, fresh air and being familiarized to my city where I currently live.

Through dividing my time, in a whole day, I was able to do many things without even realized that time ran faster. I got myself time to relax; get a nap after doing those activities in a day. In handling relationship, you also must know how to divide your time and make it useful from doing better each day.

Those are just some examples of activities which I tried by myself. Try those, you will find it helpful, and lots of benefits; in health, living, and even in the relationship.




  1. Hi Anicka for a young woman you have a lot of good Logic, reasoning and understanding in everyday Life issues and as you mature and seek greater wisdom and knowledge you will grow within and move on to greater depths in your life meaning and relationships.

    Thank you for your kind words on my Blog you are a very caring and supportive person,I have had problems with my dog keeping me awake so haven’t been blogging as much lately as it can take I lot of time but I do enjoy it. I started clicking on the name of the people who comment on other peoples Blog and if they also had a blog I often would subscribe, I enjoy reading their new Topics and also commenting on them and they must feel the same because some also subscribed to my Blog.

    As you may now have realised,Anicka I’m a Story teller, this is how I share Truth, mostly my stories are based on True Life experiences, but not always still I always seek for them to reflect God’s Truth,

    I appreciate your talents and abilities very much and feel blessed and encouraged by what you share Thank you again for your encouragement. I like your Blogs facelift it’s great.

    Take Care Christian Love Anne.

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