People may ask you “who your friends are, or who your best friend is?” you might respond so quickly from certain question, but unfortunately I can’t. The best friend or friends are not just words, but something you might cherish, and someone you can trust and will never stub you from the back. It’s not just people behind you, but the one whom always be there for you in situation which you thought you never had anyone to lean on. She/he or they are not just person who were there during good times but also in bad times. They are just too important, but what would I do? I don’t see anyone who I can trust with completely.

When I was in grade school I got four (4) friends, all of them are girls. Since we graduated and been separated because of school we choose for our secondary, we never had any communication much, and we also met other people and new friends to mingle every single day. I went to secondary and college that I also got just few from lots of people in the school and University where I spent my life for over years.

Thanks to Facebook, I finally got the chance to look for those people who’ve been part of my life from my grade school to my college life. Bitter fact! I found some of them but they just ignored me, and not even interested to talk with me anymore. Some are so snobbish, and asked “Who are you, but thanks for adding me on your list. Some were happy. I felt sad, because of those who never tried to talk to me, they don’t even remember who I am. Sad, isn’t? Yes, really much. On the other hand, I still got the closest friend from high school, she kept typing me text, and mostly over the internet. The other from my college is still connected with me, but I lost one friend from college. She died, year 2010 month and date of my birth.

last time I went back to Philippines for few months vacation, I got the chance to be with some friends from high school . We went somewhere and talked and enjoyed time to be with each other again. Since I got few that still connected with me, I must say I have friends, but what does it really mean? I don’t know much right now, because I don’t know if someday soon, they will just forget who I am and probably ask me “Do I know you? Who are you? Sad but true, is it?


Now that I am here with my husband, my new life started; questions cannot be avoided. Everything must be detailed from the very start until the present day.

My husband asked me who is my best friend, and who are my friends? Isn’t great being asked by husband but nothing to respond? It’s really horrible, and awful, I felt awkward because of that. I felt weird a lot about myself because I can’t give any specific name to determine who my best friend is, and who my friends are. Well, nobody can blame me for this issue, because that person who should be in that position would be really fucking important for me. I can’t just say, “Oh yeah, she/he is my best friend. Her/his name is blah blah blah”. No I can’t, but don’t think I really don’t have any friends, of course I do have some, and I also have someone I can consider my closest friend named Grace. We call each other “Best”.

It might be really so weird to understand what I am talking about. My husband also can’t understand about this. He always told me that I need to have a friend to talk to, and I should have friends from my past who’s still communicating with me until now. I told him yeah and I mentioned this name to him so he will stop asking me about friends. (Just kidding)

I have friends and closest friend, but honestly they are just few. Nowadays, they were far from me and just few times to talk to each other over the internet. Nobody is so updated in my life, because they have their own life now and really impossible to get in touch regularly because of the time differences. Here I am, in different part of the globe. I don’t have friends here, but surely to have at least one to three of them. Anyway, people don’t actually need tons of friends. What for? If you will have many friends but no one from all of them can really be trusted. They might be there just always to have fun with you, enjoy the moment where you are laughing but leave you when you are crying. I would rather have one or few friends, who I can trust with anything; someone who knows my secrets but will never reveal to anyone else; someone who know how to destroy me as a person, but will never attempt to do it; someone who will never ever try to stub me from my back; someone who know my weakness but will never try to drag me down; someone who always look forward to the word “friendship”.


I may not be the type of person who can easily have friends. I admit that, because I know the fact that, I am person who never had any interest in mingling with other people, go to party with friends, socializing or even to network with other people. I am just not like other women; I am too simple, and I am happy to enjoy simple things in life, but I am not a loner. I am open to any possibility of meeting new people to be friends with. I will be glad to have some, and I hope I will have friends here in Czech Republic too; local or not it doesn’t matter, what is important is someone I can trust and can talk to in all aspects of life.


For now, I always consider my husband as my best friend; and he always will be.  He is my best friend in other aspect of life, and nobody will replace that. 


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