“Do you already have a baby? Why that long, you are wasting your time. You should have a baby now, since you are married. Did you have any problem in making baby? Is anyone between you and your husband got problem in fertility?”

I was sitting here in my favorite spot in the living room. I was writing new article for my blog, but then again I was bothered. Since I am using netbook, I also have open Facebook, while writing and checking my blog. I am willing to talk to anyone else that is why; I let my Facebook on, and visible to other people. When they saw me online then that means they can talk to me right away. No problem!

Unexpectedly, I wasn’t prepared for this conversation with the same person and the same topic over again! Someone again asked me about baby. I remembered that he already asked me regarding that issue few months back and also last time he was online. Well, I don’t want to be so snobbish because he was my high school classmate who is now boyfriend of my high school friend. So I kept answering, because I am trying to be so polite, but since I am losing my temper, because I never had yet my monthly period which is about to come in few days. I never had that much patient.

I have been asked by so many friends and relatives, family about child, many times. As far I concerned, they understand my points of view, why we don’t have a child yet. Some of them never asked me again, and probably just waiting to post on my wall or send them text contains the words “We are having baby”. Others are still asking from time to time, but what I don’t understand was this man. Who asked many times about baby, and not just do his own baby with his girlfriend.

I still don’t understand why? Is he just that curious or he has memory gap? I don’t want to be rude in any other way, but sometimes it’s becoming so annoying for me. I told him,

“Why don’t you and your girlfriend make baby and not bother me from asking many times? Don’t you have anything to do today than asking me again about having baby? We are not wasting our time, and trust me we enjoy life so much, because we don’t have anything to worry about. I am not like other people who so much into rushing baby, even if they are not ready.”

Promised, I am not bitter. I just hate asking me many times about having baby. I know for a fact that I really wanted to have baby, but I also must considered my husband’s opinion and decision about this matter. It’s not just about me; it’s about me and my husband. We are not yet ready and we are not rushing.

Other people just can’t be satisfied to the information. They always thought about the possibility that we don’t have yet baby because we both have the problem in fertility. Yeah right! People always make some issue. They kept thinking that as couple gets married, then they should have baby right away! Oh my gosh! That not true. They can have baby if they want to, but if not then they shouldn’t. It not just a toy which you will buy then throws away after few days. It’s much and lots of responsibility.

I was mad and guilty at the same time, because I don’t want to offend someone else, and don’t want to talk regarding the baby unless it was my husband I am talking with.

How my schoolmate can tell me that we are wasting our time to not have a child. We are too young, I am just 22, and my husband is 25, so what is time-wasting in that? We have lots of time, which we can enjoy each other’s company before moving forward to new life with angel around us. We are not even one year in our marriage; we have a lot of things and to settle before moving to that tough decision.

I can’t blame him for asking many times. He is probably curious, what would be my first child. He is probably curious, how awesome, and cute he/she will be; but he can’t also blame me for acting so different from before.

I felt sorry, and guilty for what I acted to him, but he should have said sorry also because he was so annoying.

Have a great mood!



  1. Sorry he was being so annoying. You’re right; you’re young. There is no rush. It’s good to take your time. Actually most people I know have encouraged me *not* to have a baby right away because I just got married a few months ago. We’re not in a rush either as we want to travel and so forth before we further ‘settle down’ and we’re older than you guys. Of course my husband joked a few times on my Facebook about us having a baby and now there are people who want that to happen but we’re the ones who will be raising a kid if we have it, so we’re the ones who need to make that decision.

    • That is absolutely true! We both are young, and we know for a fact that we are not yet ready for much responsibilities ahead. Besides, we both also want to travel as much as we can, same as you and your husband, because as soon as we got the child, we are not able to travel much, because we need to consider baby’s condition while traveling. Not comfortable, so as possible as we can, then baby is not right at this time. Soon it will be. If we both are ready. 😀

      Anyway, congratulations! 😀 I wished you and your husband, a happy and more power in relationship. 😀

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