Another thing which makes me so excited about this month is that; we are soon moving to our own place. A place where I am sure I will feel at home, and much more comfortable.  We finally can call it “OUR OWN HOME”. We are currently just renting one bedroom condo here in our city. Our new home was started to build five or four months ago. Now, it is finally soon be ready to be occupied.

My husband and I were extremely so excited about our own home. We have done lots of decisions because of that. We’ve been very busy every day, fixing papers regarding the unit. Few days back was a little hectic, and exhausting, because we finally need to choose many appliances and furniture to fill up the empty home. Making the kitchen will start in October 20, when the unit will be done putting the floor. It will not takes much time so we will be moving in as soon as it will be fixed and done.

Upon fixing and making this home means save money as much as we can. We have lots of expenses these days because of those new appliances. We decided, to buy good quality of appliances so no wonder why we have lots of expenses. Well, I would rather spend the money for such good quality stuff, than to always buy after few months because it’s broken again and again. I think we made a good decision about stuff like that. So no doubt, we know that it will be good and that it will stay longer.

There were some cases which we must consider before choosing stuff. It’s because I am not that tall, well I am also not that small. I am 5’2, and some appliances will be taller than me, which means; hard to reach. Funny isn’t? It doesn’t matter anyway, I have a bright mind so that’s not a problem. I would never put stuff to taller part of appliances like American fridge. I will put my things a little lower so when if I will need it, then I don’t need to ask my husband to come over, just to pick up what I want! (Giggles)

We are also glad that a person who owned the kitchen studio and who will build our kitchen always recommend what is best. Guess what? He also has a good price for some awesome appliances we need to our kitchen. First we don’t believe that he has awesome prices for our stuff but as we search over the internet about prices of those appliances. Oh wow! He really has awesome deal. By then, we decided to let him do the other design for living room, and to our bedrooms. Well, he will also design some for our bathroom and hall space for good price.

So we are now finally just waiting to make it done. Soon we will move in and finally start new life to a better place called “Home”.

Have a lovely day!



  1. Congrats on the new home. How exciting! That’s good that you guys compared prices and got a good deal. I agree; it’s better to buy better quality things than to keep replacing the same things.

    • We are trying to look over the internet for good prices,, before we decide and buy things. 😀 It’s much better. We learned from before.. 😀 Yeah, it’s good to buy better quality in everything, clothes or appliances. 🙂 than to but and replace after a month or so.

  2. Hi Anicka,

    Heartiest congratulation & wishes for the best. May God bless you with all the happiness at your new home. I wish your house become home and not only house. 🙂

    Take care,


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