It is a month of October; I know for sure something is meant to happen this month. I am excited and I can’t wait for it. This month is awesome month,  I am glad we have been through a year together with smile and laughter.

Last weekdays were tough. So many things we’ve done go there and here while it was shitty weather. Friday was again hard for me. I went back to dentist for another schedule to fix my tooth. It was every each month schedule so it was really exhausting. Now I was just done from second session. It took almost one hour to fix one of my teeth. My husband was sitting in the chair while I was in the process. After a while, when they are done fixing my tooth, my husband told me;

“I was so pity on you honey, was it in so much pain while they were doing that?”

Yeah, he was the worried because it took an hour to eliminate just some damage part of my tooth. I said,

“Nope, it doesn’t have any pain honey; it is just so uncomfortable because they are trying to remove the damage part which was deep.”

Don’t be wonder why my husband was so worried about that. He doesn’t want to see me suffering from uncomfortable situation, or even in small pain. The reason why I also started to think about giving birth; what if I will be in the delivery room and he will be there. I don’t think he is able to see me suffering from pain, yelling and crying. (Giggling)

It was funny to think about such situation in advance. I know for sure he will be so sad, but he’ll be strong when it’s needed.

As we’ve done from the dentist, we walked somewhere to eat. Yeah, to eat after dentist! As we are eating, my husband told me that he’ll bring me to cinema so I will have better mood after dentist. Oh that was cool. So Friday afternoon, was a harsh day! All day out, and walking.

We watched, “Johnny English”, a funny movie. So what more I can request for the day? No more, time to go back home and enjoy the presence of home. We arrived to home and cuddling and pampering the whole night. Stay in the living room, looked into each other’s eyes; say the words “I love you”, and enjoy the moment together.

This is how I enjoy the moment, just to cuddle and pampering with husband is pretty much for me. I am enjoying every single second with my husband, and I know for sure it’s kind of boring for other people, but it’s me. I am happy enough just to feel my husband’s arms. Anyway, he has awesome arms. Don’t be envy! (Giggling)

My husband kept asking me,

“Do you want me to bring you something? Are you hungry? Should I prepare something for you?”

That is how my husband acts, when I was from super tough day. He was trying to be super nice to me. Though, he already is.

Oh I admit it; I was trying to make myself act like a queen of course. I told him to bring me this, that, those. I am not abusing him, trust me! I just want to satisfy him, for what he wants.

So that is how the day ends. Tough day can always be great.

Beautiful and inspiring day to everyone!!!



    • Thanks you. I can’t wait on friday.. We will finally be celebrating anniversary each year… 😀 Kinda exciting.. Congrats to you also. And hope to have more happy years together.. 🙂

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