As i mentioned in my previous articles; we are preparing ourselves for moving in to our new place. We were always busy from going there and here. Deciding so many furniture and appliances we will take. Making appointments to man who handling the kitchen design. Waking up early in the morning to catch those men in the construction area, to assist us and look up to the improvements happening in our future home. Last week, we were horribly busy from everything. I am waking up early, absolutely different from previous days and weeks. It was coming and soon everything are settles.

I woke up one morning and went with my husband to construction area to look for something which needs to fix before we accept the keys next week. Since it was morning, I felt extremely sleepy, and without energy. Right after we finished looking, we went back home and my husband told me that we should get nap again for like one (1) to two (2) hours, because he was also sleepy. We went to bed, then after few minutes we just fell asleep. I woke up after like one and half an hour and my husband wasn’t in the bed anymore. He was definitely in the living room for sure with his notebook. He always worked while I am sleeping. So no wonder why he wasn’t in the bed at all. I slept again, and after another 2 hours, my husband woke me up with kisses and hugs.

The moment I opened my eyes, I told him,

“I want cake honey.“

I don’t know what happened, I am craving for cake since I opened my eyes. I immediately asked my husband to do something because I really want to. My husband laughed, because I was like pregnant woman who asked husband to buy that and this for the angel inside the womb. Surely, I am not pregnant. I was actually having my monthly period that time.

My husband was actually baking bread, and preparing boiled egg at the same time. While he was laughing for I was asking for cake he told me,

“Do you want me to go to city park and buy you cake?“

City park is the one small shopping mall in our city. It was six (6) in the evening.

He said,

“Just eat first egg then I will go to city park and buy cake. What kind of cake do you want? Do you want me to buy anything else?“

Those are just few questions he asked me while I was still in the bed trying to make myself to wake up, while he was also hugging me. I smiled at him and says, I don’t want anything else, just that cake.

He told me to get up from the bed and eat something. After we ate eggs (WE LOVE TO EAT EGGS FROM TIME TO TIME) he prepared himself and then ready to go to mall.

I was sitting in the living room, and waiting for him to come home. He sent me text message to tell me that he was done from buying the cake and he was just waiting for taxi to pick him up. He arrived home, with the cake.

Oh yeah! It wasn’t big cake, it was five different kinds of small mini cake. He knew me, all this time. (Giggling) He knew that I am not going to eat whole cake and I will just leave it until it will be bad. So that is why, he just bought me five mini cakes. It was funny, and I was laughing. I thank him because he really knew me so much. Even in the smallest detail of my personality was noted!

We ate the cake together, because even if it’s mini cakes I still can’t eat all of them. I need his help, because he was expert on eating. (Just kidding)

He said,

“I am happy to see your smile honey. Going to city park late at night to buy cake is worth it, because of your smile. I am the most happiest husband, when I saw your beautiful smile.“

I was hugging him that moment, because I was saying thank you for the cakes.

Sometimes, small things and action can make me feel so much better. It brings me so much smile, and warm feeling that I am important not just a person but a wife to my husband. Showing him my appreciation wasn’t hard to do, by the words thank you, and through hugging and kissing him.

A day full of sweetness to you all!


5 comments on “I WANTED A CAKE HONEY!

  1. Aww that’s so sweet and nice that he thought of your personality in buying you the mini cakes. The other day I asked my husband to take out the trash. He joked that I was demanding so much of him. I told him demanding so much would be if I told him to take the trash instead of asking and that while he’s at it he could go to Parker’s (a gas station up the street) and get me ice cream. He asked if I really wanted ice cream. I told him I kind of did but I was kidding. I really just needed him to take out the trash. He took the trash out, and also came back with ice cream 🙂

    • 😀 I must say, both of us have awesome husband 🙂

      Sometimes, we just need to demand so our husband will do something that they should have done even before. Trying to make them a little bit more responsible in relationship, specially to us,, wives.. 😀 It’s kinda sweet for us to see that our husband’s are doing some effort; small ones but digging our heart. 😀

      • We do. Haha true. I don’t mind when I ask him to do something and he does it, but it’s much nicer when he does it without being asked (or if I asked but was clearly joking).

    • It’s better feeling right after he did something for you without asking him to do it or that/ bring me this or that 😀 It’s just totally one hundred percent great! 🙂 We wives/women are just need to be more appreciated by our man, to feel much much better. 😀

      • Yep. I think it goes both ways. He seems to like when I go to the store and pick up a beer or candy he likes with the groceries.

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