Is it possible that; the more day and year you’ve been with the one you love, the more you feel the love and excitement with him/her? Well, I must say we are moving really great in our relationship. I am thankful that it is getting better and better each day.

Sometimes it is just too impossible to think that people and partners, who are together almost every day, might feel that way. My husband always told me that I was probably sick from him, because he often told me that he love me. He often told me that many times in a day! Honestly, I am really not sick from that. I always wanted to hear that, weird but true.

While cuddling and pampering in the living room, my husband looked at me and said,

 “I love you honey even more each day, and that is from the bottom of my heart!”

Wow! I was surprised. It was sweet and really nice to hear from him. I asked him,

“Why are you telling me that now?”

“Because you’re my wife and you should know that always.”

“Thank you then, you know that I also love you more, and I always will.” 

That is how we talked that night. He was so sweet and I felt like hanging somewhere, because I am so happy. I must say, that is all I wanted to hear from him every day or let say at least from time to time. It’s kind of weird but I know everyone always wanted to hear that from the one they love.

He was so different since last month and trying his best to be great husband as much as possible. I observed how he treated me every day. Asking me all the time what I want. He was massaging my feet every time we were at the living room, while watching movie or some TV series. Preparing food, even if I wanted me to do that, he always insists!

After the whole day, we walked to bedroom and ready to get some nap. We used to talk before sleeping, so we did. While looking to each other’s eyes, he kissed me in my forehead, all over my face, my lips, and said,

“Do you think there are couples like us who are kissing each other almost hundred times a day?”

I was staring at him, and smiling the whole time, while he was talking and I responded,

“Actually, I really don’t know honey. I am sure that there are couples who are kissing each other every day, but I am not sure if same like us who did it like hundred times a day. I’m pretty sure; it will be a little boring for some people.”

“Or maybe, it will be like stereo type for other couple, and will hate it as time passed by.”

“Yes! That is possible honey. People are different; sometimes they like it like that, but there are others who don’t like it because it’s too cool and sweet for them. Like a chocolate!” (Giggling)

We are not sure in many things, but it’s just probably addiction for both of us. It’s addiction which is getting worst and worst every single day.

I also love to tell my husband how much I love him. I believed that, it’s better to say it, as soon as you have lots of time to show and tell. We never know, until when we will have the opportunity to make him feel that way.

The truth is we don’t know what will happen tomorrow as we woke up. We can never tell what is meant to happen in our life. One thing we can do for sure is to eliminate what is bad, and apply something which might help for relationship to be best and full of excitement.

Life is too short, and that is something I learned from my husband. I learned how to make the day always special.

I already said in my previous article “How Many Times A day To Say I Love You”, that the words “I Love You” is pretty important. It’s true, and I will keep telling to everyone, how important it was. I am not going to stop, because I knew it by myself. I knew how far I go with my husband, and the fact that it is helping.

There are times which we are arguing about some issues, and the only words my husband told me are the words “I Love you too”, instead of sorry; so I will easily forgive him, and forget about argument. It’s effective, because when he told me that, I just smile because it was sweet.

That is how it ended. We both smile, laughed, cuddling and pampering again after the arguments.

Great day you all!



  1. Aww. My husband was telling me last name several times that I am the most important thing to him. It’s nice to hear. I think sometimes that I might annoy him saying “I love you” too often, but you never know if there will be a day that you don’t have the chance to, so I like him to know.

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