It’s October 28, 2010 now, and I am happy to announce;  it’s our 1st year wedding anniversary. After all, we are here and happy with each other. We are continuously moving and growing as a mature person with lots of responsibilities each day and forward.

Since month of October was started, I was absolutely excited in everything. I always looked forward, and waiting for something new. It’s just so important! And from this page, I would like to use the opportunity to say thank  my loving husband.

To my husby,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful relationship with you. I know it’s awesome, or wait for it… legendary! (Giggles) I thank you for your kindness in our everyday life together. Thank you for your patience, when I was stubborn. I know that we sometimes have such crazy days before, but we both know that we are evolving as partners. You been such a responsible husband, though not yet a father… but soon you will.

You never fail me, you always gave me what will makes me happy. You always think first what would be best for me, for us, and for our relationship. You never become selfish, you always have time to listen even in the most boring talks I made/said. You always wanted me to smile so even if you don’t know much how to dance, you always did as I requested. You’re just too awesome, and I am glad that I have you. I hope that I made you happy in a year of our marriage, and I hope I never fail you for something else.

I know that I always makes fun from you, that I am always talking about you in my blog so you’ll be famous. It’s not being a famous in my blog; It’s just that, I wrote many articles about you, because I wanted to share to everyone how grateful I am to have awesome husband like you are! I don’t care if someone who will read that will be bore or what, what important is that; I can share that in this tough world with tons and bunch of men, it’s not impossible to find someone good as you. You who quit smoking to be more healthy and makes me happy; you would rather jump from the balcony than to cheat on me; you who always put stress away from work, to make me feel comfortable at home; you who always want what is best for us; you who will do more for our relationship. You are awesome honey, and no matter what, you will always be here….. in my heart!

You kept telling me every day how grateful you are that you have me, but the truth is, I am the one who always proud and grateful because I know you are awesome for who you are, and you will never stop from loving me. You are different from others and we both know in what way you are different. You always wanted to make me proud and impress in many things, but trust me! You already did. You don’t have anything to prove because you did a lot. Enough for me, to be proud of, and impressed in the simplest action you’ve made.

Like you said, we knew each other really much even if it’s just a year which passed by today. We’ve been through ups and down path of this tough world, but I know that there are more to come. I know we will make it, as long as we are together, no obstacles can break us apart!


Loving you always,



  1. Happy anniversary for yesterday and best wishes for many more to come. You guys make a great looking couple and seem to be as great together.

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