Knowing your husband’s personality from inside and out is very crucial. It is a must in every couple to keep knowing each other until you will finally say the words “I do know my husband/wife really well“.

Lots of couples who end up to divorce were those people who never understand each other much, leads to misunderstanding to fall out of love and excitement then to divorce. Most couples are experiencing circumstances like that, because of the said issues and problem that never been resolved before they got married and enter to lifetime commitment without actually knowing each others personality, characteristics and attitude.

Since my husband and I met personally, we often have misunderstanding in some small issues in  our life. We are wondering after we fought why we are fighting and have such misunderstanding even if it’s not needed. Afterwards, we just realised that we don’t know yet each other much that is why we have lots of arguments before. Since then, we finally get over it and we can say a lot about each other when people say and ask question about wifey and hubby.

Food: He is a type of man who never say „You cooked really bad“. He often just smile and say “You cooked really well but, not for me.“ My husband don’t like any sweet kind of spices and ingredients to meat. Even if you cooked it really well, it will not make his thumb stand like a soldier. He is the most picky person I’ve ever met. He is able to eat just few good meals, reason why I am freaking out when i am preparing food for him.

He doesn’t like spaghetti with awesome sauce and so much meat on it, he is contented to eat spaghetti just with regular and only ketchup. Trust me, he is satisfied just like that.

Drinks: Before, he was just drinking Pepsi. When he woke up in the morning, he immediately grabbed Pepsi, it serves as his coffee in the morning. You will never see him drinking water, because he doesn’t like the taste of regular water. If he will be drinking water, then that should be with bubbles. (Here water has bubbles) That was before! Nowadays, he stopped drinking any kinds of drinks with so much sugar on it. He currently drinking water, because he realized that it is much healthier than what he was drinking before.

Clothes: He is simple when it comes to dressing up. Simple yet expensive! He often said that he doesn’t need tons of clothes in the wardrobe, just few pieces is enough for him, but good brands of course. He mostly have, t-shirts, because he never want to wear polo-shirts which often used by other men.

He usually used jeans with t-shirts, because he thought that shorts are weird. I was telling him before to try short which was stuck in the wardrobe for long, but he always insists not to. Shorts are not his style.

Personality/characteristics/ Attitude: My husband has strong personality, though he has a very good heart. He thinks about what would be best for our relationship, and do better he can. He has a very serious face when working and thinking about statistics at work, but laughing like insane and doing crazy stuff when he was home with me. He easily gets bored talking to anyone else; he will not able to stay talking with someone more than 2 hours. He always thinks that other women are annoying. Other closest friends of him knew him as a very good friend who always be there to help as much as he could. He never want his family to make fun from his wife (Me) in any possible way. He easily gets upset, when someone did.

He is a type of man who never had any activity before he met me than to looked at his computer the whole day; reading news, pc stuff, then news again, and go to some forum which he can see and read different thoughts from other people regarding the news. He is a boring type of man, who loved to stay just at home, work and work until the days ends. He is the person who will never judge others personality without knowing them well,; he always stands for the ideas of other people, that might be considered good points. He often gets mad when I told him “You don’t love me“ even if it just for fun. He never wants me to makes fun from our relationship, never ever! He acted like a kiddo with me, since we both do same stuff acting like a kid.

A person who just don’t care about spending so much money for something will stay for long, good quality, and good brand.

Those are just few things I knew about my husband as a person and as my partner in life. Others will remain private and only me should know. There are many ways to keep knowing the one you are living with, you just need to keep moving, keep knowing, and not wasting time.  To know him/her better is the best possible way to avoid and prevent divorce. You should also apply communication which is best way to understand each other without serious fighting, followed by being observant.

Less fight, more love, more joy, more laughter!


6 comments on “WHO MY HUSBAND IS?

  1. Ha I like that “You cooked really well, but not for me.” My husband usually won’t tell me if he doesn’t prefer something I made but I’d rather know so I can make what he likes. I don’t like spicy things but I make enchiladas that he likes which I need to drink a glass and a half of milk to eat with him. I like to bake but he doesn’t like sweets.

    • 😀 yeah, he often tell that to anyone. If he doesn’t like the food then he’ll tell. He also doesn’t like much spicy but me, I really like it. I always want to learn how to bake, but I still don’t know how.. 😀 I hope when we move to new place I will be able to start learning 😀

    • Hello there,
      Thank you for stoppin by. Anyway, I can share it to you how my husband and I met. It’s a good article to write. Keep reading, Maybe I will be able to share this week the story behind anicka’s world. 😉

      Thank you,

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