When I first arrived in Czech Republic, I always wanted to go somewhere during weekends; shop, look around, and go to hair cutter. Small shops are just too cool, and there are more stuff to choose from, rather than mall which almost everything are same.

I’ve been to some small cities, and it’s all same; Saturday and Sunday all small shops in the whole city are closed. No people and looks like a dead city. My husband and I walked to our city here in Jihlava, to check the office, last Saturday. I started to complain why everything was closed in here every weekends, no people, no taxi. How will I go to hair cutter if everything is closed and there is no hair cutter at the mall which is the only open shop everyday, even weekends. I am still not used to it, because in my country Saturday and Sunday is the most preferred days for shopping and everything should be open except from offices.

Well, it came up to my mind; how people here will open shop during Saturday, and Sunday if only few people are going to small shops, and probably just to look and not to buy. Horrible! It’s diffinitey the smartest way to avoid loses of income; to closed the shop every weekends. My husband told me that, they also need to pay sales lady/man much more than usual, if they will work during weekends,because just few people in this country wants to work during weekends, they often wants to be at home with family or go to big malls to shop, watch cinema,or go in the other cities and spend weekend trips.

There are just few taxi which are working and driving. We have our own taxi driver since my husband still don’t know how to drive. The problem is that, we often go somewhere during Saturday and sunday, but our taxi driver is not driving every weekends. When we call to some other operator of taxi, they were coming late because they are also fully booked for some people who also using taxi instead of bus or personal vehicles. We never had any choice than to wait for taxi, and then go wherever we want.

Take note: we are in small city so we don’t have subway. We only have bus, but unfortunately, bus station/stop is a bit far from our building so we prefer taxi.

I sometimes was so excited to go out and look around the city during weekends, but most of the time I ended up disappointing myself, because everything was closed. I can’t go anywhere during Monday-Friday, because my husband was working that moment. He always wanted to be with me when going somewhere, and me also of course because I don’t meet yet anyone who speaks english here except from the dentist assistant who taking care of my teeth during my check up appointment.

Those are reason why i wanted to learn their language as fast as I could. I am rushing myself so I am able to feel free to go without depending in my husband; so he will not be that stress and tired.

Weekends are just for family here in Czech Republic. They always wanted to be with each other, for bonding and family get together, specially for kids. So if you are planning to go shopping and look around then better avoid weekends, except if you are in the big city like Prague. Prague, is somewhere which you can enjoy anything during weekends, but expect too much crowd.

Good day to you all!



  1. In Savannah (and I guess a lot of other places) most hair cutters are closed on Mondays. Most stores are still open Sunday but they close earlier. You can’t buy alcohol though, unless you’re on a military installation. I hear in Germany most things are closed Sunday as well to encourage time for family which I think is nice (except that it is also usually my day to get things done so it will be strange not to be able to).

    • that’s true… because I always wanted to go somewhere during weekends but it’s imposible because everything closed.. Well, just mall is available that moment no choice than to travel to big city like Prague because shops is always open…. 🙂 But I agree that it’s also nice when it’s closed because you will have time for family.. 😀 Not bad at all….

      • We went out on Sunday the other day. Almost everything was closed (stores anyhow) but there were a couple restaurants open. It was nice to walk around and explore, and surprisingly there were many people out walking around.

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