Each counties have different traditions to follow in the wedding. As a Filipino who used to see almost same style in the wedding, I was became so curious how was Czech citizen or couple are doing their wedding ceremony to reception and party at night.

I got the opportunity to witnessed the wedding of my husband’s cousin last September. I was so excited to see every single moment from the wedding since it was my first time to see their traditional wedding ceremony. Of course I didn’t forgot to bring with me my camera to take at least few photos, but unfortunately I am able to post just few because of their privacy concerned.

They invited me and my husband to go to their place at around 9:30am to join them and eat some of the sausages and some bread. Since their space was small and just few people can fit in there; few direct family of my husband was there; my mother in-law, brother in-law and his ex-wife, and the two little cuties, our nieces. One of my brother in-law wasn’t there yet that time because he will be in the next batch to come. Other friends of the brides and groom to be was also there eating in the kitchen while we were at the living room also eating and having fun with kids.

My in-laws, me and my husband, and the cuties kids. Photo taken by husband’s cousin. 

Unlike the tradition in my country, bride can’t be seen by groom to be. They said it will bring bad luck in the relationship, but here I noticed that they are able to see the bride since they are living in the same place. They were fine, together while entertaining visitors and relatives. Since there will be next batch coming at their flat, we went out the building and go back to my mother in-laws place to wait for the time to leave and go to place where the ceremony will be held.

My mother in-law’s place after eating sausage at couple’s place.

In my country (Philippines), traditional wedding ceremony held at the church. Most people prefer to do the ceremony in the church, and some which can’t afford the preparation is just home or in municipality; some who can afford much better place is somewhere at the beach. Here in Czech Republic, they are usually doing the ceremony at the castles, and this is where my husband’s cousin‘s wedding will be held; in the small castles 30 minutes away from our city Jihlava.

Inside the castle.

At first I was surprised, and I asked my husband, if there are also couple who are getting married into church. He said that just few people are deciding to do it in the church they used to do it at the castles because it is much more romantic for people like them. Well, I guess I would also like to do the wedding at the castle, to make some difference.

It was 11:00am and bus which will accommodates all the guest to the castle will leave in few minutes so we went down from my mother in-laws flat and went outside, because they have the same street of the couple. Upon reaching the area, we saw one of my brother in-law and his wife and 2 kids. They were also waiting.

I observed how they waited to bride and groom first to show up, taking photos, before they gets into their car and follow bride and groom’s car. I wanted to go to bus and sit there because I am used to my country that I am able to just go and wait at the place where the ceremony will be held, unlike here I must wait. It’s awesome yet, I am confused.

We were waiting for the groom and bride.

Oh there is more, they are buzzing their horn at the vehicle to let everyone know that bride and groom is on the way to wedding and they have best opportunity on the way. No need traffic and some hustle. I liked that! Got some priority in your big day!

We arrived to destination after thirty minutes. We went to the castle entrance and oh yeah, well bad for high hells shoes. Much stairs but that was fine I can handle. It was nice inside the castle. It was small, but unfortunately, we were standing the whole time. Oh yeah there were no chairs for guest and everyone including bride and groom were standing the whole time of ceremony. Unlike other traditions, we were just few people in the ceremony. Oh that was really different from my country’s tradition, because people are a lot. (Giggles)

Guess what? The ceremony took just almost 15 minutes. That was so short ceremony; our travel was much longer than the ceremony, no more blah blah, but instead ok direct to the point. In my country oh no, there were many things to do like lightning the candle, putting cord and veil, but here just ring and then go on, kiss the bride!

After the ceremony guest were in one line to congratulate the newly wed. Oh yeah, I belong; good that they know how to speak a little English so I don’t need to speak in Czech though I know a little to congratulate them. Right after that, we went down the castle and took photos. Unlike my country, they took lots of photos with bride and groom, but here few are enough. Go on let’s go and eat some lunch. Yeah, eat some lunch so late (Giggles) well that doesn’t matter we are not included anyway. Here lunch with the couple (newly wed.) are just for parents closest friends, so since my husband is just cousin and me is cousin’s wife we are not included to the list. Whoops but don’t worry we are also invited to the dinner party, so we went out from the bus and stop by to mall then eat lunch like we are just dating. I love that! After my husband and I ate, we went back home and rest a little. Oh again, another dress for the dinner party. Oh my gosh! So much preparation, but it was fun anyway. So here we go, my husband and I walked to brother in-laws place to get a ride with their car to pension where dinner party will be held.

Lots of people when we arrived; I don’t understand why women were looking at me the whole time. Don’t know why, but I was started to be confused and not comfortable, so I did asked my husband, “Is there something wrong with my dress honey? Those women are looking at me from the ceremony and now that we are here they are still looking at me. What is wrong?” oh yeah I am started to lose my confident with my outfit, but my husband told me that “they just saw gorgeous woman who stand up the whole time so they were just envy.”

The simple but stunning outfit at the wedding day.

Well, I don’t think so; they just probably curious about me. Back to the differences, well they have this unlimited drinking alcohol stuff like that. Oh yeah, I am not drinking alcohol so my husband too.

In my country dancing and party is usually happens night before the day of the wedding, with people who putting money into there to bride and groom dresses and clothes, while they were dancing. Here is not like that. Just dancing night after the wedding, singing, dancing, etc. I never saw what happened on the lunch, I just saw in the photos that they have this tradition that bride will break the plate then groom will clean it up. Nice! We don’t have that; we just eat some sticky food together right after the wedding. What a difference.

My in-laws and the bride with her friend dancing at the dance floor.

Everyone was drunk and I and my husband is probably the only couple who wasn’t drinking alcohol. Everyone were started to be out of their mind (Giggles) it was fun to watch them like they don’t know what they were doing. Kids were also dancing with their grandparents; groom was funny when he was dancing. Shih, that’s secret okay? We often go outside to get some fresh air, because music was too loud inside and smells like alcohol everywhere.

My husband drinking Pepsi while others have alcohol.

Since my husband and I were not dancing, we started to be bored so we decided to go home and rest. It was late anyway around 11:00pm, and besides; they are planning to go to disco right after the dinner party to that pension. Party continues, we don’t like disco so then again what’s the purpose to go there. Gets bored and be lazy while watching them getting crazy and drunk.

My husband and I at the night party with the newly wed. We are ready to go home that moment. 

So we went home, we said good-bye to my mother in-law because she preferred to stay. She was pity on me because I looked so tired, the whole day. Sweet!

I actually have the video from the wedding but unfortunately, I have a need to upgrade my blog page to be ale to attach videos. Sorry for that.

We went home, and rest because of that exhausting day. So I hope I make justice to give some differences. I know it might be chaos, but I also hope you understand. It was hard to analyze the difference without giving the whole story (Giggles).

Blissful day!


5 comments on “CZECH WEDDING

  1. Dear Anicka,

    Another nice article and very interesting to know about marriage ceremony in CR. In India, marriage ceremony has different stages and it takes from 1 days to 3 days for complete marriage. 🙂 hahhaa, It’s so long but very interesting as per Hindu ceremony.

    When I got married, the whole day I was busy with different kind of ceremony and we had reception for local friends & relatives on next day at Dinner time normally. There is lots of fun, dance & all but no drink or specific dance during ceremony. Marriage ceremony for al most 4-5 hrs with holy mantras that were chanted by Brahmin person who normally do such things.

    We do photography & video for about 2-3 days which include everything except honey-moon 🙂 .

    Anyway, keep posted and take care,


    • I would love to see how it works there. Kind of interesting ceremony and really long. 😀 Hope to find some sample video in youtube sooner. 😀 and thank you for stopping by again. 🙂
      Maybe i would love to be in the the photos, specially i know it is a bit longer, so that means more photos,, hehhe I love photos

      • Dear Anicka,

        Thanks for your response.

        I will send you some snaps of my marriage. You would love to see that I was very different in looks during that time 🙂 .

        If any chance to send link of video, I will definitely send the one.

        Hope you must be enjoying new home 🙂

        Warm regards,


  2. I saw my husband the day of the ceremony (although he went ahead to the beach while I changed and rode in with my parents) but then we took pictures before the ceremony lol. It’s interesting you mention people with more money marrying at the beach. I wanted to get married on the beach anyhow but part of the appeal was the fact that it didn’t cost anything but the price of the officiant. I think it was a great bargain for the scenery 😉 Some people in the States do long drawn out ceremonies but ours was short. I don’t think it was longer than 10 minutes including the walk out to the beach lol.

    • In some country it is probably not that expensive to do the ceremony in the beach but in the Philippines it’s kind of… because we need to pay for the venue almost whole area which will be use should be pay, the better the view the worst price will be 😀

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