Last Tuesday, November 1, 2011 we went to our new place to meet the developer and a person who is responsible for the documents and agreements about the new home. my mother in-law drive us to the place because she was also helping us to communicate and get in touch to those people who are building each every corner of that said home.

Upon reaching the area around 10:00 in the morning, we finally talked to that person. We looked around to the area and looked if there is something needs to be fixed before we signed the final papers and before we send them the rest of the payment. Unfortunately, the shower hose wasn’t there still. Oh yeah, they forgot to put it on the wall and the glass cover for the bath wasn’t there still. My mother in-law told to the person assigned that they should fix that until 3:00 in the afternoon of the same day, because we need to see it and also to make sure that they will not just run after we pay. They said there is no problem with that, and they assured to us that they are capable of fixing it, in the same day at round 3:00pm. We walked around again to check again if the glass doors and windows have some scratches or needs to replace with new one. We never saw any, so we thought that it was totally fine and we are ready to accept the sign that day. After the whole area, we went to garage to look if there is fixing that needs to be done. Oh yeah there was. They need to put some screen on the small window for the air so no one is able to make mess in our own garage. Afterwards, we went to storage just to look around. We found the only one storage that is not yet taken. That was the biggest storage and also the most expensive one. My husband kept asking me if we will take it or not, because we already have storage near to our unit. Well, honestly we don’t need much storage but they offer us good price and compensation so I said “Ok then, let’s take it”.

We made a good decision from that. We still don’t know what to put in there, but I’m sure it will be useful. I make fun from my husband that he’s going to sleep in the storage when we fight. Yeah, that storage is like bedroom. Huge ones!

After we signed the papers, which includes the details of what they still need to fix in the same day; we finally got the keys! However, we should go back at around 3:00pm to check if everything is going just fine. So we went to lunch and celebrate a little. After the lunch we spent our time by finding the best lights that will be good for the whole area. While we were looking inside the shop, my mother in-law received a call. For first we really don’t know who that was. She went out of the shop while my husband and I were choosing which lights we will buy. Trust me; you are not going to believe on this!

My mother in-law called us to go out of the shop because there was a problem in the construction. There was a horrible bad news; reason why we never pick up the lights. The bathroom studio which is responsible for the glass cover of the bath called mother in-laws that they are not doing and building the glass cover anymore! Bloody hell!

Nobody informed us regarding that issue which is now really difficult because in 2 weeks we must move in. My husband was mad, and my mother in-law at the same time. If they inform us earlier then we probably not have much problem, and able to fix it by hiring other bathroom studio, but no they never did. So I can’t blame those two who were really mad that time. My in-law was calling the person responsible for the bath but instead he never apologizes and don’t want to give the supervisor’s mobile number. He hangs up the phone and that is why my mother in-law was extremely mad. You know mother always wants what is best for son. We went to car and my husband borrowed my phone to use my internet mobile. We look at the internet and find the supervisor’s number and tried to call and call, but not so lucky. Phone was busy!

We went back to area, and talked to man responsible for all the papers. While we were waiting at the flat, we checked again and oh my gosh! The window glass and doors have so many scratches now which make my mother in-laws super mad. There are lots of those and really not acceptable we don’t know if that not visible if there were no sunshine or what. Now there is the sunshine and oh yeah, lots of them surprised into our eyes. They need to change everything in there, put new one. That was what we told to the person while my mother in-law thinks that workers did that on purpose which is funny and yet she has the point. Developer and person responsible for all the papers don’t have any choice than to put new one.

Regarding about the glass cover? Well, the supervisor call directly on my phone and in-law talked to him. He was mad at the employee and they decided that we will not pay for the bath, if they will not fix the glass cover. Since he hasn’t any choice, he agreed. Good we will not pay 20, 000 crown for the bathtub, besides that was their fault and not us. So we need to find new studio to fix the glass. Well, it doesn’t cost much so it was fine.

I don’t know but instead me to be mad, I was a little sad because that man will be fired because of his attitude towards my mother in-law. I don’t want to be mad, but that was also his fault. I told my husband I was pity on him that he was fired before Christmas but my husband said that, it was his fault, and I don’t need to be pity on him, because of him we are now having trouble to fix our bath glass cover. He was right on the other side, because we are going to move soon, but it wasn’t settling.

We went home and rest, my husband looks fine now, because we already have the keys, and soon ready to move forward to new home. He often said that he is excited really much, so do I.




  1. I’m glad you have the keys but sorry you had trouble with the bathroom. I wouldn’t feel bad for the guy losing his job. It’s their responsibility to do things right and treat their customers right.

    • We do have problem in the bathroom, but i hope it would be fix in few weeks or so. Well, since they let me and my husband wait for that, they will be giving us the most expensive and good quality of bath cover. 😀 Good, but still fine to wait.

      My husband told me, that i shouldn’t be so sensitive because people in this world are not all good, some people will try to abuse my kindness.. Hmmm sometimes I can’t help it. 😦

  2. Hope it gets fixed soon. Well that is good at least. That is true sometimes people do take advantage if you’re too lenient on their mistakes.

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