Last Tuesday when we finally got our keys, I started to make fun from my husband. Not just to him but to myself too. Upon receiving all the keys included to our new home, we also granted the remote key for the garage because we bought one of the biggest garages inside the building. While we were at the bed Tuesday night November 1, 2011, I was thinking why we have garage and we never had any car.

I said, “Honey isn’t funny? We do have garage but we don’t have a car. We don’t even know how to drive.”

He laughed and said,

“That’s true, that is really crazy. (Giggling) but we do have bikes honey.”

“Oh yeah of course, we will put our own door for our garage with remote controller then upon opening the door other people will be shock that the garage was loaded by two bicycle (Giggling).”

“That’s cool idea honey”.

See, that was really funny. We don’t know how to drive, we don’t have a car but we have big garage. All of that was just temporary, because after we settle in our new home my husband will be going to driving school and finally learn how to drive and buy a car.

I asked my husband why he doesn’t want to drive a car. He told me that he was a little scared that he is going to bump and kill someone by driving. Well, yeah and now he is even more scared to try driving because he has wife (me of course) he was totally scared and I would get hurt when he drive. In the near future maybe next year, I will get pregnant and that makes him worried. He doesn’t want to do something that will lead to accident and hurt me in any other way.  He is trying to overcome that fear and soon he will be doing it. He is a little excited and scared. (Sigh)

Exciting isn’t? Me I am excited really much. I know that we will be great in our new place; new life, new neighbor ( I hope there will be someone knew how to speak English so I am able to at least makes friends and communicate) new environment ( absolutely fantastic) we have a great view in our flat and it was so relaxing specially during autumn season. Guess what? There was fruits tress around the building which is good during spring and summer. Yummy, I don’t need to buy at the supermarket. All I need to do is to go down stairs and pick fruits. We are also near to lake, and what is good in that place is nearest to everything. There are shops, mall, town hall, because we are soon live in main city. I love it because office is also near so I can just walk for 10-15 minutes and I will be able to see my husband anytime.

I am just so excited in everything. It seems perfect, but right after we move is a huge savings again. Yeah, we really need to save a lot again, because we spent so much for this new home. My husband said that it’s good investment. He is right!

God bless our home!



  1. I’m glad you like your new home.That is funny to have a big garage and only two bikes lol. Driving is not that scary. I rather enjoy it. That said, I am a little nervous to get a license and drive in Germany. Although I have heard all I have to do is take a written test to prove I know the signs, the way people drive here is intimidating and I’m not even the one driving. Plus a lady who drove us the other day told me if you hit someone riding a bicycle you will go to jail even if they came out in front of you, so that’s a little scary as well because there are a lot of bicyclists.

    • Yeah, It was so funny. We decided to put our bikes in the storage room, because It would be so funny for other people who are living here to see how we are using our garage. 😀 My husband still not going to driving school,because he is still scared. True, I been to Austria for few days with my husband. Husband told me that it looks a little same in Germany and I was surprised in so much bicyclist all around. 😀 So I believed it is almost same there. 😀

  2. I have a driving test with a class before it in a couple weeks. Hopefully I pass but we won’t have our car here probably for another month.

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