I am not fun in giving compliment to some taxi drivers because in my country before, most taxi drivers always asked for extra especially when you want to go a little farther destination. They asked for extra, but also trying to fake the meter of the taxi. When you left some of the belongings you’ll never find it again. I am not saying that, all drivers are like that. There are just few people who can be trusted.

I mentioned before that my husband doesn’t know how to drive yet, and we prefer to use taxi as way of transportation. In short we have our own taxi driver who is driving us every weekday. When my husband went to work every Monday-Friday, he was calling him to his phone to pick him up to our place to drive him to office. He drives us to shopping malls and supermarket whenever we want.

When we were riding in his taxi, they usually talked with my husband until we arrived to destination. So I respect that, I am not communicating with my husband when we were riding in the taxi because I just love to let them talk and talk.

One day, my husband went to work. It was morning and I was still at the bed trying to be so lazy. I am used to receive text messages from my husband. He was usually sending me text when he arrived to work, before he went to lunch and went to coffee. That day, I was at the bed so late, but still never received any text message from my husband. I started to be worried what happened to my husband. After one and half hour of waiting I finally got text from him. He said that he lost his phone. What lost phone? He was using same number of his mobile, so I was confused why lost phone if he are now sending me text. That doesn’t matter anyway, I asked him what happen. He said he lost his phone at the taxi; he often put phone in his jacket which is a little sliding and not good for phone. It happened though, it dropped to taxi and driver saw it and brings it immediately to our office. My husband doesn’t know that it was at the taxi. He was surprised when taxi driver knocked on our office door and handed him the phone. Wow, it’s really great we have him. Honestly, I was so glad. His phone is HTC and number is the most important because every contact was there mostly for business. If that was totally lost then we are sorry, because passwords were also there. We are so lucky! Thanks to TICHÝ TAXI.

Since then, I was looking after my husband’s phone. I was always checking if he put it to phone holder before he went to work. I just don’t want to put some risk again. After many months without losing his phone, he decided to buy new one because his HTC mobile was kind of old model. He bought Samsung galaxy S2. After month of using this phone it was again lost.

Last month September while going here and there to our new place, it happened again. We were from our office and have afternoon appointment to man who will build our kitchen. We call the taxi our taxi driver to stop by to office to pick up us, because it was raining and man is already waiting so we prefer to call taxi than to walk. He arrived after 5 minutes and we were on our way. I didn’t know that my husband doesn’t bring his phone holder on his belt and so again he put it to his jacket. We arrived to the construction area and directly paid the taxi and went up to our flat. We were talking with the kitchen guy and I suddenly asked my husband what was the time. He immediately tried to grab his pocket where he put his phone but suddenly it wasn’t there. I asked him what was wrong, and he asked me back “Did you have my phone?” Whoops! I started to be so nervous because phone wasn’t in my bag. So I did at least tried to look at my bag to check it but unfortunately it really wasn’t inside my bag.

The kitchen guy started to also gets worried. We tried to ring my husband’s phone but whomever and wherever it was, nobody will hear that because he put it to silent mode. I don’t know what to do so they keep going, and talked with the kitchen guy about the kitchen plan, but obviously my husband can’t focus in everything so he borrowed my phone and used the internet to check the number of  TICHÝ TAXI operator and asked the number of the driver of the yellow taxi. So we got the number, and immediately called him. At first, taxi driver was confused and laughing because it happens again. Over the phone, the taxi driver said that he doesn’t saw any phone at the car, and there are many passenger rides at the taxi. Oh no! Maybe someone already got the phone and doesn’t want to bring it back to my husband. Luckily, the taxi driver looked at the whole car and he found the phone at the floor side of the taxi chair. Oh yeah, it was there! Nobody sees that because it was stuck at the side where it wasn’t visible. Good at least nobody gets that phone which is just almost two months old.

Since it was again in the good hand, we decided to continue talking to that kitchen guy and planned to get the phone right after we finished. We went directly to the taxi stand at the city center and waited for the taxi driver.

While we were waiting my husband called the driver to inform him that we are already waiting. While they were talking over the phone (Using my phone) my husband laughed because driver said that someone is calling to my husband’s phone. Driver asked what he should do, if he will accept or not. My husband said to accept it, and husband heard that the one who was calling was my mother in-law. My mother in-law thought that my husband’s phone was stolen, so she said “bring it back to me and I will give you money. It’s not good why did you steal my son’s phone?” My husband was laughing while he heard that the taxi driver depending himself that he did not steal the phone and he will return it to the owner in few minutes because he was driving.

It was funny though, I was also pity to taxi driver because it wasn’t his fault and he also didn’t steal the phone.

My husband called my mother in-law and explained what happened. So she stops calling my husband’s number after that. The taxi arrived after few minutes of waiting, he handed the phone to my husband and we really thanks to him so much for the second time around. We went to mother in-laws home using the taxi also. We decided to visit her because she was worried like always.

After what happened that day, I again remind to my husband that he shouldn’t forget to bring the phone holder on his belt so it will be avoided. I told him how lucky we are for twice losing phone but always getting it back because of our taxi driver. I said I am sure that we will probably not be lucky again for the third time, which I hope won’t happen. That mobile phone is kind of expensive and I don’t think my guilt will afford it when it will be gone again. I don’t want my husband to spend so much money again for phone, since it was new model, and at the same time numbers are important.

We are really glad that we have such a good-hearted taxi driver who can be really trusted. We really hope that every taxi drivers are like that. I must say that TICHÝ TAXI was great one in Jihlava.

We always gave him tip because even the meter is 95 crowns; he charged us 90 crowns instead. He never tried to abuse the passengers. So by then we always give him tip and extra. We are glad and it was a pleasure to return back good deeds.




  1. I’m glad you have a good taxi driver there. We have only taken a couple taxis here so far (oh yes I made it to Germany). They have been okay but I noticed the one yesterday pulled forward a little more than where he had pulled over and the fare went up about a euro. I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not and didn’t argue it. I need to get a bike or figure out coordinating with the bus schedules though because it costs us so far 11 to 13 euro to get back from the city to post. That is less than I remember it costing for a shorter distance in the States but it’s still more than I’d like to pay every time we need to come back from town. On the up side we haven’t had to pay for the ride in yet as once a nice lady coming from post gave us a ride (and even a little tour) and the other time we decided to walk the whole way (it *only* takes an hour but it’s not easy on the legs lol).

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