Short message for the readers

Dear readers,

I would like to inform everyone that I wouldn’t be able to post articles in one week because we are now currently moved to new home and many things should be done and settles first besides.. We are also now having trouble on internet. 😉 lolz

I would write and post every experiences during moving in few weeks. Thank you and keep reading..

Note: hard to write using mobile though.. 😉
Sincerely yours,

4 comments on “Short message for the readers

    • Thank you Rajesh,
      I finally have the chance to open again my blog, and look how is it going here. 😀 Well, I guess it’s pretty going well,, thank you for wishes… 😀


    • Hello Anne,
      You are right, there were always be good things in moving aside from being so much exhausted. One thing to count on is that, this will be our own, which is really good, and will be soon so wonderful.

      Best regards,

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