Upon moving in, we have sort of decisions to make. It was kind of difficult, but who wants best; then let’s make it happen.

We do have our previous television which is one year old 42”or maybe 40” Sony Bravia (Not so sure how big exactly it was). It was good quality so we decided to keep it. My husband suggested that it would be great to have television in the bedroom, so when we got lazy; we do have it without moving our ass to the living room. My in-laws says that it wasn’t good to put T.V in the bedroom, because it is supposed to be for relaxing room and not for entertaining. We do like T.V at the bedroom so made it like that. The developer was making us the wardrobe which I designed. It was simple but huge one; I do want to make sure we will have plenty of space to put our personal stuff like clothes, etc. I designed the wardrobe with space for T.V, and developer made it exactly how I draw.

However, we do have unfinished living room and my husband was thinking about buying 60”T.V, but when we went to the shop, they don’t have it in the stock. (Sigh) My husband was a little upset, but when he saw the Samsung 55”T.V which is converted to 3D he was again on the go. He wanted to buy it on the spot. It was good deal, and graphics was really awesome plus there will be 3 sets of 3D eyeglasses included to the package, and also one Samsung digital camera. My husband turned his attention over me, trying to observe if I will agree or disagree, and he can’t wait any longer and he asked me, “Honey, is it yes?” so I did responded “Yes”.

I know how much he wanted to have good electronics, and etc. in our new place. He always wants what is best, so do I.  I do love to have new camera though, so I did agree. (Giggling) I know it wouldn’t be that good but at least it would be useful somehow. I do love photography so big “YES”.

We bought the T.V on the spot. We went to ATM and withdraw. It was expensive, but I know it would be worth it, because it was so thin and really cute. Good quality I guess. As long as I see the smile and happiness in my husband’s face, then I would be always goes for it.

Then here we comes, our living room is now with divine design, because of new television. My husband is extremely happy, and he often says, “I do love our new home”.

Have a happy living!



    • yes, that was what my husband always think about in advance before buying things.. Something which will be a good investment for future.. so I guess we did the right choice of buying it. 😀

  1. That is a large tv lol. We are probably going to put a tv in our kitchen area so I can watch tv while cooking because my husband doesn’t want one in our bedroom (which we always had before).

    • Hello there,
      Yeah it’s pretty big, I mean the previous tv we had is big for me already, and now it’s even more. 🙂 and we hang it on the wall at the living room so we can actually move it wherever we want. Good for our mini bar at the kitchen, we can just swing it and awesome for watching while eating at the kitchen.. 🙂 T.v in the bedroom isn’t bad at all, but most people don’t like it, I see… 😀

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