Dear Readers,

Few weeks ago, I received a comment in my very own blog anickaworld. It says that he/she is interested in knowing the story about me and my husband; how we met, how I met him?

From that, I started to think that it would probably be a good article to make. I would be glad to share it to anyone. I decided to make it chapter by chapter until the wedding day. I am feeling so excited about it, because our story is one of a kind, and everything seems so exciting to look back where we started. I just hope people would like and hopefully they would understand it too. 

2 comments on “Dear Readers,

  1. Also glad that you’re happy. Unfortunately, poorly know English, but I will try to read and comment. I worked briefly in the Czech Republic and I hope to return there soon.

    • Well, there must be translation online so that would help at least somehow. 🙂 I will post the first chapter on monday, and hopefully that people may like it. 😀 (Giggling…)

      Best regards,

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