We celebrate Christmas with my father in-law. He was alone at home and because of that, I came up with this idea to invite him to join us at Christmas dinner. Something new for me and my husband,because we are just two who celebrated last Christmas 2010,now, thank’s dad for joining us.
He arrived to our flat, before 4pm. He was a little weak and seems sick. I asked my husband why is he like that. My husband that his father haven’t had slept because he has been food poison yesterday. ( day before Christmas). He was vomiting with blood and that’s makes me super sad and worried. 

We let him sat on my husband’s favorite new chair, to help him relax. I started to prepare food, so it will be ready before 5:00pm. I wasn’t sure, if he will be able to eat that moment. My husband told me, that he doesn’t feel like starving since last night, that means empty stomach. Cross finger ,,, hopefully he’ll eat something now. 

My husband gave him a small tour in our home, because nobody visits us since we moved and everything was fixed. He really liked it here, and he decided to have new kitchen also, from our developer because our kitchen is cute.. 🙂 Few minutes of tour, food was finally ready. My father in-law said that he will just taste my prepared salmon. He said, just few small pieces because not good for his tummy. Since I am stubborn daughter in-law, I still gave him big ones. He taste it, and he never stop eating. He said, it was good and different from what he was eating in the restaurant. My husband told me so, I just have my own recipes for salmon, and I made it really crispy, yet juicy. He liked it, and he said I should be flattered because he doesn’t have any plan to eat more, like what he just did. 🙂

Everyone were done from eating, and we moved to living room. We gave my father in-law 3 cans of beers, just like the old-time. He really seems so sick, so we decided to exchanged gift earlier. I received bunches of chocolates from him, and money too. My husband got, sausage with vinegar, and also money. Father in-law says “I don’t know what else to give to both of you, you have everything; that makes me hard to think what gift to give”. Well, I guess everyone has same problem when it comes to gifts. (Giggling).

My father in-law received sweater ( branded) and perfume (With brand). He was happy,he never expected that he will received good sweater. (Sigh)

And that is how  we celebrated our Christmas with my father in-law. Simple yet awesome! But of course, celebration continues, after he left… Just me and my husband.. 🙂

 (Photos will be attached later) 

Belated Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year.

Love and kisses,



  1. Sorry your father in law was sick but glad you guys had a good time and you got him to eat. You should post your recipe for salmon. My husband gets a lot of it and I don’t really know what to do with it lol.

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