It’s my birthday today. I wished I could invite everyone from out there! Yet, I can’t. I woke up late because I wasn’t feel very well today, still sick and stomach don’t want anything. My husband is starting to be sick too, maybe because of this weather. 

I checked my mobile phone as soon as I opened my eyes. I got text messages from my family in the Philippines, and friends as well. They wished me “Happy birthday and good health”.  I wished I would be healthy soon. Anyway, I woke up with really awesome mood,even though I am sick. Everyone didn’t forget my birthday, that’s nice from all of them. Well, my mother in-law wanted to stop-by today to personally greet me, with my husband’s niece. So here I am, waiting for them to arrive. I am sitting in the sofa, writing in my notebook. 

I guess, I am really blessed today. It’s snowing today! It’s nice because it wasn’t yesterday, and even if it is snowing in our city today, other city don’t have a chance. I asked some friends from other city, and they said, “Nope, it’s not snowing here, not even little”.  Whoops! I guess, I really have blessed Birthday. Anicka’s white birthday! Thanks.. Another year of age… I’m 23 now…. Really great! 

I am still waiting here, I am currently alone because my husband went out today. I don’t where he go. He doesn’t tell me. So I guess he’ll be here soon. I’ll post some photo, right after… Bye for now.. 🙂

With all the Love,


2 comments on “SNOWING DURING ANICKA’S 23rd BIRTHDAY! (Dec.30-2011)

  1. Happy birthday. Sorry you are sick on it. That’s no fun. I didn’t feel well today either and stayed in bed til after noon. There is no snow here either. If you wanted to see snow glad you got to on your birthday. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Happy Birthday Anicka for the 30th mine was on the 26th I had a wonderful Birthday but spent Christmas day alone with a great meal of cheese on toast and a drumstick Icecream.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New year I will catch up on your posts, although I have read a few along the way in my inbox, as usual you are always very honest and to the point which I like very much.

    I was thinking that you might like to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award, there are a few rules to follow but it’s a great way to encourage and meet other Bloggers.

    Requirements are listed on my page –

    Christian Love Anne.

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