Are you one of them? Are you one from those teenagers who took the wrong path, instead of the right one?

It’s a new beginning, new year’s, and new life. I’ve been looking around, and then I came up to this idea. Why there are lots of teenagers who ended up to early age pregnancy?

Note: All young people who been abused by someone are not belong to this topic. Only those who knew what they did. No offense!

If you are one of those teenagers who are currently pregnant; or if you are teenager who accidentally click my page; or teenager who been to this kind of situation; well listen, and keep reading. I am not here to put some shit in your head. I am here to help you choose the right way, and realize what you did.

Where were you now? You are still so dependent to your parents, am I right? You are still living with them with your babies, and with the man who made you pregnant. You can’t get married because you both are not at the right age to marry, and build the family alone. You can’t even work, because you are underage. Nobody will accept you in the work, because nobody will. Nobody will, because you don’t even finish your high school. You don’t know anything in life, and how it goes.

Some teenagers blame their parents, why it happened to them like that. Why the fuck are you blaming your parents? Tell me why?

Some says, because their parents are nowhere; busy, not giving so much attention to her/him. You are fucking wrong okay! So wrong! Why? It doesn’t matter if your parents are away. Where they are when you did fucked with a man? They were probably abroad, working thousands miles away from you because they wanted to give you better life, not because they don’t care about you, but because they care for you more than themselves. Do you even care what was happening to them every day? They worked as caregiver, teacher, housekeeping for foreign families; sometimes they don’t even care if they won’t eat regularly. They save every penny to send it to you. Send for your tuition fee, for your daily needs, for stuff you said “You want”. Yeah stuff you only want but you don’t really need.

Have you ever realized how hard it was for your parents to take care about other people more than their own child, more than you? It was fucking hard for them, but they must do it, work and work for it because they wanted to give you a better life. But what you did? You just give a shit about them. Let say they don’t give attention to you; it doesn’t matter if they don’t. It only means that, they wanted you to stand with your feet, aim high, and do something to have better life. How hard is it to just at least finish your studies, give them your report card with at least passing grade, make them proud, and let them know that you are doing better even if they don’t give attention on you? Life is tough, if you just let yourself be wasted then in the end, you’ll the one who will suffer from it.

Never put the blame to parents, because when you did and decided to fucked, without protection; your parents were not there. They were not in the same room, where you did it. They were not there, looking or enjoying while you were doing it. The truth was, they were there, working, thinking how to give a better life; how to make you feel more comfortable in life. They were busy doing something for your future, and if they see that it is working how they wanted it; they can finally say, “I am ready to go; I have given enough for my daughter/son. I knew for sure, they will have a good future.” That is how they think, while working.

You waited for so many months, and tell your parents “I am pregnant”. They were shocked, and they cried. They can’t do nothing, than to be with you even in the worse thing you’ve done in return to their effort of making you feel comfortable in life. They didn’t throw you away, because they knew you can’t work. They knew you can’t stand alone, because you are too young for that. Instead of making you feel, they let you stay to their home; feed you, provide good clothes while pregnant, give you the most expensive vitamins, so you’ll be healthy while caring the baby of your own, giving you money to support yourself when they are not around. Who paid for the hospital bill when you gave birth to your child? Your parents, right? Who paid for everything? Who else; No other than your parents.

 Where was the man who is responsible for that? He was also live with your parents, living comfortably. Why? He doesn’t work because too young for that. He was just there in one corner of the street, waiting for nothing. He was smoking cigarette instead of doing something better for the future baby. He doesn’t go to school anymore because people were talking about him. His pride is most important than future.

Everything is just depends to parents. After all you’ve done to yourself, you will just go ahead and turned your face to them; asking for help; asking for mercy. Did you ever try to at least say the words “Mam/Dad, I am really sorry, for the wrong I’ve done to both of you.”

Most teenagers don’t. They don’t say sorry, because they have this fucking huge pride. They blamed their parents as much as they can. They usually don’t admit the fact, that they did it because they wanted it. They don’t think the most possible consequences in the future. You only want just pleasure; pleasure that will drag your future down in hell.

Young people out there; your curiosity wouldn’t lead you guys to the right path of your future journey. I am telling you, it will end just like that. You have a good future, do not waste it; do not set aside the possibilities. You are young, and you should just appreciate that your parents are not perfect; they just wanted what is best for you. So if you think they don’t care, and then be the one to care for them.

I have seen enough! I was teenager and been to same journey like you have now, but since I care about my parents, like how they cared about me; I choose the right path ahead. I choose to give good value in return because I knew that they deserved to see, and have something to handle in return, even if they don’t ask for that.

Parents don’t ask for return. They just want to see that you are doing the right things in your life. They just want to see you succeed and make sure that your life won’t be wasted, because they have done enough to make it possible.

Teenage life is the most exciting part of the journey. you don’t need to miss it, you need to enjoy it. enjoy it, because you’ll never had it in the future. you are not getting any younger. So, respect your life as teenager!


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