I’ve been asking myself since before, if me as a woman can protect my husband. Yeah, right? I am thin, and Asian with and more than average height. I used to be a tough woman, when I knew by myself that I needed to be like that. I don’t want to see anyone hurting my love ones. I don’t know nothing, but it happened, and it’s been proven. I do can protect my husband.

My husband and I been to Rihanna’s concert in Prague last December 7, 2011. We booked tickets, and we make sure that we will be there and make ourselves enjoy that time. From the very beginning, since we arrived to location which is ( O2 Arena, Prague) we encountered the crowd. Yeah, of course, we went there earlier, but most people are much more earlier than us, so we need to go with the crowd so we can pass faster. We waited so long, maybe an hour, everyone were started to be pissed off because the door supposed to be opened at 7: 30pm and we waited there for much longer and still can’t get in.

So we’ve been through, and we waited for concert to start, but unfortunately it started late. What a luck! When it started, we enjoyed it, somehow. It was great though!

After the concert, we went to subway station as fast as we can. It would be 12 midnight and we need to catch the last subway, back to our hotel where we checked-in. since it was a bunches of people in the station, people are like in can of sardines! It’s almost face to face, etc, can’t even move.

So my husband and I tried to fit in first inside, and we encountered this group of women who kept playing like there is time to play inside the crowded subway. They don’t even think that people almost don’t fit inside, and they kept playing, moving like there are enough space. My husband tried to protect me, and put his arm around me so he can grab the holder iron. Unfortunately those women tried to push and push while my husband arms almost broke because of them.

I lose my temper, and I pushed that girl stomach away from my husband’s arms, because my husband’s arm was already curved and it’s doesn’t look fine. I don’t want my husband to have broken arm just because he tried to protect me. so I told my husband to please let go of the holder iron and let his arm go, unfortunately he can’t because those women are keep pushing which leads to my husband’s arm stuck. I pushed her stomach away again, and I yell all over her face I said,

“Oh my God, are you gonna break my husband’s arm. What the hell are you trying to do here? Move back and don’t play here.”

Yeah right? I lose temper and I yell at here, everyone looked at me, and my husband was surprised to what I did. I kept pushing her away from me and my husband because they are fucking psycho who wanted to play like kid without thinking about the crowd and how hard it was to fit in a crowded subway!

So when got off from the subway, my husband and I talked and I said sorry that I yell to that girl, I told him that I lose my temper because she is hurting his arm, and I don’t want him to have broken arm. He was laughing and he said, “That’s my tough wife.”

Yeah he was kind of proud that I am protecting him, even if I don’t need to. He said I did the right thing, because they were bunches of Psycho, who doesn’t care about other people inside the subway.

While we were walking and trying to find some place to eat, we encountered this vehicle.

My husband and I will be crossing the street by pedestrian way. We waited for green light to go. So when it was green we were walking and there was one car who stop, but seems like he wanted us to go be quicker like wind blow. He blew his horn, which makes me extremely mad, because it was still green light and the pedestrian is too long to cross the other street so that means it takes time, beside he still can’t go because we have the green light to go, and they have red ones. So what the hell he wants us to do. So again I lose my temper and hell yeah! I did shout at him, “Fu** you”. 

My husband was laughing because I was losing my temper really much since we were at the subway. I mean, I don’t care being bad if people are also bad at me. I would rather say the words I want than to be abused by them. I am tough! That’s my husband’s words that day. Guess what? He even mentioned that to my mother in-law and my brother in-laws the next day. 🙂 all of them were laughing and my Mom said that, “That’s great that your wife is protecting you, even if she is small. Small but tough! That’s nice from her.”

Oh yeah, I can be tough and bad when people are trying to be rude, and  not respectful to other people, specially to me.

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