Unlike other city, Jihlava is one of the luckiest cities in Czech Republic. December 2011 was the month which supposed to have huge snow everywhere in Europe, but unfortunately it didn’t happen like that. That year was the most dry winter season in the history.

Other city never experienced the snow during Christmas, like Prague and Brno, which most tourists went to look around. Luckily, we have it here in the city of Jihlava; it was snowing here almost every day since Christmas. Now it’s month of January, some cities already experienced one to two days of snowing but after that, it’s gone and faded away again like it never happened.

We are just lucky here in our city, because it’s almost every day snowing, and everywhere turned to white already. Some of my friends were envy because they were waiting for the snow to continue so they can start building the snowman, but unfortunately they weren’t so lucky with snow. (Giggling) I got it here in Jihlava.

Last week, January 18, we went to Prague because of business meeting to one of the programmer of my husband. We went there, and thinking that it is same weather like here in our City. When we left the city of Jihlava, I started to have doubt that I would see white surroundings in Prague, because on our way, there wasn’t even small piece of snow. I started to feel hot on the bus, and feeling so uncomfortable with it. I removed my sweater, and never put it back. We arrived to Prague and guess what? It was so dry! It was hot, and I felt like I’m burning with my coat. What a big difference of temperature. I was talking to my husband and told him that I would probably be sick because of that weather, and guess what? I really had been sick for few hours. Get dizzy and not so well.

The whole day was dry in Prague, and according to my weather forecast through my mobile phone; it was still snowing in Jihlava. That means, I am so excited to go back home.

After the meeting, we decided to spent a night in Prague, and go home early in the morning the next day. We woke up the other day, and prepare ourselves to leave. We went outside the hotel, and yeah! What a weather! Yesterday was so dry and now it’s raining like mad.

We went to the bus station, and we went back home. On the way, while approaching the city of Jihlava, here was the huge snow ahead of us. I’ve seen the lake turned into ice, and snow was huge all over the place. I started to take photos because it’s again captured my attention like always! (Giggling)

We get off the bus, and it was raining a little, and it became so sliding everywhere. After few minutes of rain, it started the huge snow again, and my husband told me that almost everyone on the bus drops off to Jihlava, probably because it was snowing here and not in Brno or Prague. I talked to my husband and I said,

“It’s is snowing here almost every day honey, probably because I am the only Filipina in this City so at least snow can make me feel a little better even if I don’t have a friend near-by. You know, there were so many Filipina in Prague, and Brno and some other City here in Czech but me, I am alone here in Jihlava, isn’t confusing, that snow hits us here? Snow wants to give me company, wants to make me feel better, right? (Giggling)”

I love Jihlava! (Giggling)

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