I am using Facebook and to be honest, almost everyone does. I’ve been observing other people how are they using the Facebook page every day, and I was wondering how come they put their private life being seen of all people and Facebook friends. I meant it like; for me I used Facebook as hobbies, I put what’s on my mind, and thoughts of the day, and some funny situation happened to me but never my personal life or issues about my family and such.

Some people are using Facebook, to spread the world how bad was their husband/wife, their life, their partners how bad and what was the bad habits of the those persons I have mentioned above. I don’t get it! My husband doesn’t get it too. How some people provide information like that over the internet, which supposed to be as private as it should be?

I don’t care if they do; I am just sharing my thoughts about using Facebook.

Other people are just happy to tell everyone about something which needs to be just for him/herself. I know, I‘ve seen enough, and I knew for sure that some people have same thoughts like mine. I have read some status update saying and spreading the world that she was alone and nobody takes care of her at home; she was sad that her husband wasn’t there because they fought, and there wasn’t any chance they he’ll come back just to take care of her.

Did you see what I mean? How some people share it on Facebook? There are words like “what if”, to consider. Why? What if her husband has hidden and private Facebook, or husband’s family members are also using Facebook and checking her status, or suddenly seen it and they saw that his wife was spreading it the world of Facebook, do you think he’ll come back? No! He’ll think, she Psycho. Who was telling everyone that her husband is kind of irresponsible for taking care of her?

Another one; there was a woman sharing how miserable her life with someone. For me, never let anyone see you miserable, because they’ll pushed you to deepest and they wouldn’t  help you rise up; instead, they would started to talk behind your back and laughed like evil because you put them and give them the rights to know how your life was.

Sometimes, it’s better to keep things private, and let it be resolved by yourself. Most people around us wouldn’t help but instead will drag us to the deepest hole.

It’s not just about the status. Through Facebook, you’ll see how many bunches of fake friends you have. How? Put some good thoughts, and nice story happened to you that day; then you’ll see nobody writing comments saying they were happy for you and such; nobody would even click the like button for that status update.

But if you write some sad and depressing thoughts and sad moments of yours; Oh my…. People or friends from your Facebook list will be writing immediately. What would they write? Of course, asking what happened? Who did that to you? Why and how? They are going to ask so many questions so they can put it together and discuss it to other people behind your back.

You’ll think, and feel that they are true friends, so you’ll tell them every single detail of why are you sad. After that, they will laughed behind your back, and poop over your own head.

Yeah, I know! I tried it many times. I was posting so many good and funny thoughts to my wall, but nobody would even try to click the like button or write comments; then I came to this thought to write a fake sad and depressing story of mine to my status… not even a second and I got comment asking what happened. I’ve seen the difference, how people react to your Facebook status, and trust me you’ll never find true friend using Facebook, unless you knew them before you used the Facebook.

Keep your private life with you, if you don’t want other people to interfere and talk behind you back; laughing and screaming how fool you are to share it with them; not unless you know they are your true friend to trust. 



  1. Dear Anicka,

    Very good topic but risky discussion 🙂

    I also use for FB but that is again for sending instant message or wishes on birthday. I never mention my personal life on FB and I think this is not the correct media to spread about everything of your personal life too. Personal life discussion should be with personal friends only and not to everybody.

    One can use FB for spreading good or bad things together and will get back good or bad for himself/herself. So, it’s depend how you are using this innovative media for yourself.

    Anyway, keep writing whether it’s good or bad for other but again, your notes in Red color at the end of article seems that you are very mature 🙂

    Take care & warm regards,


    • Hello there ,
      Thanks again for stopping by. I actually have doubt to post this article. I was thinking multiple times if I am going to post it or not, but I wanted to express whats on my mind though, I felt like not so comfortable about myself if I wouldn’t be able to post this one, so I did it. 😀
      We both have same opinion in using FB,, sometimes it is better to preserve private life with ourselves, and few people who can be trusted.. 🙂
      Take care,

  2. There are a lot of things that go on FB that it just baffles me to see…not even just people’s personal relationship issues but just bizarre things. I’ve lost count how many of my friends post crap about their kids bodily functions, details of illnesses, etc. That’s for your doctor not FB. There are a lot of fake people on there as well. I’ve even occasionally left people I suspected were there to be fake just to see how long it took them to expose themselves (and it really wasn’t long). They just want to be there to start drama (or try to dig up drama) and not because they care. I do have to disagree that you can’t find a true friend using FB unless you knew them beforehand. Some of the friends who turned out to be the most fake were ones I knew ahead of time first and some of those who have been the most supportive were people who randomly added me from mutual interest pages. One of them later became my husband. So it can go both ways 😉

    • 😀 true, I do read same situation happening over my FB page. and sometimes I just do click to hide their post because I don’t want to see those all over my wall, sometimes I am also deleted those people into my friend list because I don’t know. It’s not that I am being such a snobbish, but I just don’t want some kind of stressful story all over.. 😀 So I did that.

      • Totally understandable. There’s only so much negativity or oversharing you can take from people. I get people having a tough time but if every day sucks for weeks or even months on end, then it’s probably their attitude more than their circumstance and you’re better off to be exposed to more positive people.

      • It will make my life so stressful, if I will look over their own problems in life. It’s better to mind my own business in life. Less stress.

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