Parent is always concerned to surroundings and environment wherein their children will spend their life to grow, to start walking, to finally talk and play with other kids, to go school to study, and finally grow up as adult. Parent only wants what is best for their kids, and that is something which my husband and I were thinking too.

As you all know; my husband and I bought this flat which is 10 minutes’ walk to the city center. It’s a new building, and almost every owner is moving here and fills up the empty flat around. We have been very busy all the time and never had a chance to take a look around, also because winter season came up, and it’s been a lazy day during our free day. We spent days mostly inside our flat, watched movies, talked and read news over the internet. We never had chance to look outside after we moved-in.

January 28, of this year, in the afternoon; It was a little boring at home so I asked my husband to take me out that day. Since we also don’t have plans to go somewhere that day; we decided to take a short walk outside our building. We’ve been there before we move, but never visit it yet after that. It was freezing outside that day, but of course I never forgot to bring my camera to take a photo just in case I will find something interesting around.

As we stepped out of the door, from the building; we headed the backyard which there will be gardens for all those owners who are living in the ground floor, then we went outside the unfinished gate towards the new kids’ playground. My husband and I were amazed to the view. It was peaceful, and privacy is really fulfilled at this place. My husband started to talk, and he says that,

 “How come we never went out and take a walk here every day since we moved-in. It’s so beautiful here.”


Well, he is right. There was a huge space for kids to play and enjoy their childhood, run all over the place, and just one minute away from their home. 

Around the kids playground was this awesome view of the lake, which was started to freeze that day. Nothing to be worried about, even if it’s close to kids playground because the developer and all flat owners from that building including us, talked and discussed how to maintain everything to be safe and secured. They will put fences there, as soon as the winter season end, they will put more trees and plants around the area to make it more like a living place to live. We will have the main gate which just owners will have the access into it. Nobody from outsider will be able to open it unless the owners will give it to their family when they want to pay a visit. I saw the police car patrol few times, rolling around and checking our area, which is very nice from them. 

Lake is beautiful, and during spring and summer everyone are able to go fishing. 


 Around the lake is the best place where you can go jogging or biking, with the best scenery of tress and ups and down rocks all around, and it’s good for camping too. There are the hills where they go sliding with kids during winter, which is awesome.

While we were walking, I was telling to myself;

 “This is the ideal place for our future children. This is the place where we will raise them.”

The place is definitely good. It is 5 minutes’ walk to shopping mall, 7 minutes to other supermarket, 10 minutes to city center, and 15-20 minutes of walk to our own office. Isn’t it great? We don’t even need a car because everything is close to our place. There is also a great place to teach children how to ride in a bicycle including the signs, safety precautions where you don’t need to worry because that place is exclusively for kids and some people who just want their child to learn how to ride on a bike safely. Some people are also going to this place to only sit and eat while enjoying the presence of kids. City zoo is also close to our place, which is so incredibly cool for kids. I’m sure our future children wouldn’t be bored here.

We just picked a very good location for our living. Our future kids would definitely love it here.




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