Czech language or Cestina is beautiful language, but of course since I am new into developing myself in order to learn this language; I might say it’s really complicated ones. Well, I guess everything is just about confident and trying. I have mentioned before how shy I am to try something new in my life. I am scared to be embarrassed which leads me to not talk much and everything I learned is just kept in my mind and never practice it much as it should be. I don’t socialize with people, and never talk to some other local here in Czech Republic except from my in-laws and other friends.

Nowadays, I am doing pretty well with this language. I am able to speak, understand, communicate a little and most of the time; we are using it when my husband and I were talking at home. It’s good to have practice though, because once you learned to practice it at home you are also starting to gain a little confident which can be developed anytime soon.

The only problem is that, some words have same pronunciations but different meaning which is sometimes hard to notice in the sentences.

For example, “byt, and být as you observed, there is difference in the writing, but they have almost same pronunciations and different meaning as well. “byt”, means “apartment” and the other one “být” means “to be”.

 Even though, I knew how it works; I somehow misunderstand the sentence. I sometimes need to say “Pomalu prosím” which means “Slowly please”.

Since I am talking and practicing Czech language with my loving husband; I started to be familiar with his words and it’s now easier for me to understand him. I am used to his pronunciations and I have less and fewer errors every time we were practicing. I am also starting to communicate with my mother in-law who I am confident to talk in Czech as well. The only problem is that, she always talked faster, and even if sometimes I asked her to speak a little slower; she most of the forgotten it. J My husband kept reminding her to speak slowly because I am only practicing and I need clear words to understand. J

I am doing great! And happy, that I am starting to communicate with my brother in-laws. Not so confident but I’m getting there! I just need a lot of practice and read and study harder to be able to learn faster.

I am trying to keep every word I learned into my mind, use it every day and as much as possible; to learn other words day by day. That is one way of learning language! I am doing it! My husband told me that I learned faster as he thought; and now he can’t even talk to anyone about some secret if I am around because I am listening and he knew I am trying to translate it inside my head and construct the sentence in the most possible meaning. J He is right! I love to listen, and every word I knew which I heard from them; I tried it so much to translate by myself. Luckily, I am always right. So my brother in-laws and my husband are now so careful talking about some secrets when I’m around. J

Since I am the one who is shopping and do grocery from time to time, I need to speak to cashier when paying for all the things I grabbed. They usually don’t talk except that they are telling me how much I should pay for all of that stuff. I knew numbers and I don’t have problem with that; and if they ask something else and I can’t understand I always have this “Promín, ale nemluvím moc česky, ale mluvím Anglicky, Mluvíte Anglicky?”  Which means  “Sorry, but I don’t speak much Czech, but I speak English. Do you speak English?”

There are times, which I am not able to sleep at night. I can’t avoid thinking if I am able to speak much good the next morning. It’s making me depress too, and sometimes a lot of pressure in my head. I think that it’s getting into my nerves, and I felt like I am losing hair because of that.

Practicing this language is making me forgotten my own language though. I can’t blame myself, because I am talking and speaking with everyone around me with only English, and Czech language.

I called my family last Christmas, and ashamed to tell that, I am speaking more English and Czech than my own language. L I told them upfront that I might be speaking mix language this time because I don’t have chance to practice my own language in this country. They were surprised, when I am mentioning something and they don’t understand, then I realized I was speaking in Czech and they don’t know what was that mean, but of course I love my own language I just probably need someone to also used it from time to time.

So I guess that is all for now. You probably learned a little from me. Until next time!!! J


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