There are ways to follow in order to learn foreign language effectively. I am going to share some of the steps I’ve done to be able to speak and communicate. Hopefully it helps, or at least serve as your guide. Let’s start! 

BUY BOOKS: In order to learn language, you should have reference book which will serve as guide and will show you the theory from the very beginning. This is one the best way to learn the language, if you can’t afford to go to language school because of your busy days or don’t have money to pay for it. Book is one of the effective ways, as long as you are using it, read and understand it. Do not let your book be just accessories in your bag or home. Use it!!!

EXERCISE BOOK: There are books which have exercise page attached, some have different set of book just for exercises, and some don’t have both. Make sure to use that page or book to exercise and practice what you learned by answering the given exercises inside. It is provided, in order to practice your writing, and be familiarized to the words which had been discussed from the lesson and chapter you already read.

Remember that, you always need to understand each lesson before moving on to the next chapter. If you just read without understanding, it will be useless! You will forget and you’ll need to go back again from beginning.

Note: It is better to move slower with knowledge and you know that it remains to your head, than be faster without understanding and forgotten!

CD/ AUDIO RECORDING: Audio helps you be familiarized to the accent and pronunciations. It will make you feel better when talking to some local around you; help you understand them faster. Make sure to focus while listening into it, because you’ll never learn if you are being distracted by something else. Try to repeat it the way you hear the recording.

STUDY HOUR: Give yourself a study hour a day for just studying the language itself. It will help you to learn more words in a week. 1-2 hours of learning in a day will give you at least more of words to practice. Make sure you just don’t read it; understand it!

I am giving myself 2-3 hours of learning in a day, and make sure that I understand the use of those words before I close my book and put it away from me.

AVOID USING TRANSLATION ONLINE: If you are trying to learn the language; never use the translation online because it will lead you to not have any interest in your books and you will only depend from using translation online; you will learn to cheat in yourself; you will be lazy because you already tried to depend online.

If you are using books and you already learned some words try to just stick into it and construct the sentence from those words you learned. Time will come and you will rewrite it by yourself. As long as you are moving to other chapter and lesson from your book. J

WATCH MOVIES OR T.V SHOW WITH SUBTITLE OF LANGUAGE YOU WANTED TO LEARN: Most people learn to speak foreign language just by watching movies with subtitle. Well, I am watching some local TV show here to be even easier for me to understand their accent. In this case, there is no pause, and there is no chance to repeat it again. You will learn to go with the flow, and time will come you will be familiarized to words which they are using.

COMMUNICATE TO SOME LOCAL: Communicating help you to gain the confident you need in order to perform your language skills. By talking to some locals, you’ll have chance to learn more from them, and use the words which you knew. You will be able to use it, and soon you will never forget. Some words are just need to spit out often and multiple times in order to remain it in your head.

Mingle with other people, and listening to them more often will help your mind. Sometimes, even if you don’t use book or go to school; just listen to locals and you’ll have chance to learn some words which book will not provide, but of course it is much be easier to have reference.

PRACTICE AT HOME: Practice at home with someone knew the language, if no one; then practice by you. Talk to yourself and respond to what you said at the same time. J It will look like you are insane, but trust me, it helps a lot. It’s either you speak or you write; in both ways you will learn. Don’t worry; I am sure that you are not the only one who’s doing that. I am also talking to myself, and respond on my own when my husband isn’t around, and I wanted to practice. J

DO NOT RUSH YOURSELF: Never rush yourself in learning the language, because it will give you depression that will make your head uncomfortable. Take your time, and always keep in your mind that you are doing better. Give yourself a break, to avoid stress and pressure.

I’ve been there too, I want to rush myself into learning, but it didn’t help me, instead I was always depressed and all words never remain inside my head. I was always mad and I needed to repeat all over again. Until then, I waited a little and give time to myself a little bit.

WILLINGNESS, EFFORT, AND OPEN-MINDED:  Learning should require willingness and being open-minded. Willingness to learn, and do whatever it takes in order to learn; willingness to give yourself time to learn and relax; willingness to spare time only with books and learning tools; effort to find some source of knowledge about the language; and be open-minded that things might not be easier, but always keep in mind that trying and learning is better than giving up without anything! J

So I that is all for now,!!!!  Mějte se hezky ( Have a nice day) 🙂


  1. Good ideas! I do use translation sometimes but only in a pinch. For example I recently had to call a German Dr.’s office and could not for the life of me remember the words for ‘change appointment’ in German even though I knew the rest of the sentence so I put it in translator to have up when I called to say “Ich möchte meine Verabredung ändern aber ich spreche Englisch” (I would like to change my appointment but I speak English) which was much more effective than the initial time I had called and could only remember “Sprechen Sie Englisch?” (Do you speak English?)

    • Yeah. I do the same thing. You know, to just check if the formation is correct or if I needed to change the formation of grammar.. which mostly happened when speaking one of European Language. They usually have, this different format. So translation usually helps me for checking only, but not using it into whole sentence construction. 😀

      • Yeah it’s hard to get used to a different word order. Even in that sentence if I translated it word for word it would have been “appointment change”. I have been working through German Demystified…had to take it back to the library but plan to check it out again if it’s still there so I can finish the other half. I was starting to understand a lot more of the example sentences and getting a lot of the questions right even when I thought I was guessing so I think I’m retaining more than I thought. I want to get some movies soon as well that are in German but have English subtitles and see if I can get my husband to hook up the cable so I can watch some of the German shows we get. I watched some of Harry Potter in German while we were in temporary housing and I understood a lot more than I thought I would.

      • Wow, that’s really great. I am watching local Tv show here, and sometimes I did understand, but sometimes not, specially when I never heard that word before. 😀 So when I get confused about the words. I immediately have to ask my husband what was that mean.

      • At least he can tell you. Mine knows less German than I do lol. I think it will still help you even if you don’t understand because you can start to see some of the ways words are used. I would really recommend getting things with subtitles. When I was learning Spanish I watched all my movies that had a Spanish track with English subtitles (about 20 of them). By the time I was toward the end there were a lot of common phrases I wasn’t having to look at the translation for to understand.

  2. Exercise books are important, but when buying one, it’s important to check out, that is has also the answer key! (unless you have a language partner, who can help you with the correct answers.)

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