Last week was awesome! My husband was home with me, and we enjoy the whole week together. I enjoyed being with him for the whole week. I felt like doing things together, like learning, cooking, walking, exercising, and etc.

I was so desperate to learn Czech language really fast. Lately, I have been thinking that I must spare more time into studying to be able to speak more and learn better and faster. I am willing to do it, so I think I don’t have any problem with that. I mean I don’t feel the pressure, but only excitement; and because of that, I asked my husband that we must go to shop and buy new books for me. We went to bookstore 5 minutes away from home, and bought two new books for me. I chose to get books which are for kids, and written only in Czech words.

I picked two, beautiful story books with the help of my loving husband. I think it would be better if it’s written in just Czech language because I would be able to do it by me. I have plans to just to put pen marker to those words I already knew which are written in the book. With that, I would know how much words I already have in my mind, and followed by learning those words which still not being processed into my brain. J

My husband doubt to buy me book with just Czech in there, but he became so supportive, and just bought it for me. J

After we bought the books last week, I started to read and read more. I used my Czech step by step old book, to continue the lesson. Last week was a good performance of mine. In one day, I finished 3 lessons for 2 hours; after that, I started to lesson 1-present lesson again to review everything before I moved to the next lesson. I’ve make sure that I wouldn’t missed anything.

I was talking to my husband the whole time using my new learned words. He was impressed, and glad that I did and learn some words again. Well, that is how desperate people do! (Giggling)

Back to my new books; I am planning to start marking this week. I hope I would be successful!!! 

7 comments on “I GOT TWO NEW BOOKS

      • Yeah I definitely couldn’t translate an adult book right now lol. I’m going to see if the library on post has any kids books in German.

      • Too difficult to start with adult book. Maybe we will soon end up into Mental Hospital..:D Better start using easy ones.. At least not much pressure over the head.

      • Haha I agree. I bought a couple adult books when I was trying to learn Spanish in FL hoping some day I would work up to reading them (and maybe someday I will but now it’s more relevant to focus on German). Best to start out small.

      • I do understand few Spanish because we have similarities of most words in my own country. But I do, started to learn French, but same as you, I never had any chance to focus because my main priorities is to learn Czech language, speak, and communicate using that. 😀

      • Yep. I started Japanese at one point too but switched to Spanish when I moved to FL. I’d still like to learn both at some point in my life but it makes the most sense to learn German now that I’m here. (I actually took it for four years in HS so a lot came back that I thought I’d forgotten but I’m still far from fluent). A lot of people here don’t want to because nearly everyone speaks English but it seems so far that a little goes a long way. People seem to appreciate at least that I’m trying.

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