We started our day with coffee. Ashamed to tell you guys but my husband love my Mom’s coffee. I think he started to be so addicted on it. No wonder, but my Mom is really making nice coffee. My husband was talking with my brother about the Poultry business. Since my father has it for so long, even though it was just few of them. It was still really profitable.

My husband asked my brother all about it. How much each pieces of small chicken cost, those for food and their vitamins, and how much they can seal it. Since my husband is a business man, he immediately calculated everything and he saw how profitable it was. So that topic never ends. Until the afternoon, they were still talking about this business, while I was there at the backyard and washing rest of our laundry to make it dry before we go back to Manila.

My brother has his difficult time explaining everything to my husband, and he at least tried harder. (Giggling) so he did called me asking for help, because he can’t explain it much. So I do the explanations and after that I went back to do my laundry. My husband kept walking here and there, and what surprised me most was; he mentioned taking care of thousands of chicken, if my brother’s poultry business which about to start will be successful. Oh yeah, he was interested on investing poultry.

So if my brother’s poultry business will be successful, then is willing to invest for it.

Well, it was almost 3:00pm when they ended talking about business. So my nephew took the chance, and never let my husband be. He kept grabbing my husband, play cards, go to yards, and play there the whole afternoon. Our neighbors came, do something bad to my legs, saying that I was so white, reason why I needed a sun to catch some color.

Back to playtime? Well my husband was running all over the yards because of my nephew. My nephew wanted my husband to also play some crazy stuffs, reason why my husband never had that much to be with me. Well everything was just fine. I am happy to see them playing together having a great time, not get bored. Well, it was kind of dark, I went to our small store because my father and brother was there. I just want to spare a little time with them, while my husband was there still playing in the dark with my hyper nephew.

A few minutes, I heard my husband and nephew laughing inside the house, followed by that was my Mom laughing too. I was confused what was that all about. Few minutes after that, I heard my husband asking my Mom where I am so I did hide before he reach the place where I was. My Mom said I was at the store, so he went directly to store, but I wasn’t there anymore. (Hiding already) My father and bother knew that I was hiding from him, so when my husband asked where I am, they told him that I was just inside the house. So my husband went back to house but my nephew saw where I am hiding (at the backyard) so he shouted and yell to my husband and told him where I was hiding. So my husband ran towards me, and said “So you are hiding from me”.

Then we hugged, even though he was sweating like a pig. (Giggling) my nephew told me what are they laughing about inside the house few minutes back. He said, he was asking his uncle to dance with him, and if he wasn’t then his uncle doesn’t love me. (Cool nephew right?)

so I asked my husband, “Did you dance with him?”

and he responded, “No, honey.”

and I said, “so you don’t love me?”then I was laughing.

Then my Mom came, and told me the same funny thing those two were doing inside the house while I wasn’t around.

Then my nephew said, “Uncle, dance now.. if not, you don’t love auntie… do like this..”

Then unexpectedly, my husband just do the same step dance my nephew was doing. He doesn’t even care, about other people might look at him too. (Giggling) That was sweet, isn’t? Doing everything, just to show everyone that he loves me. Even in the most craziest way. (sigh) Oh I love this man.



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