The next morning, we headed to the airport for our domestic flight to Boracay Island. As usual, we came earlier to avoid so much people on the line because as we read over the internet that “CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINE” always has delay and flight cancellation.





While waiting for our flight check-in, we thought it would be smooth, but as we saw how it goes, well “Its sucks!!. ( Sorry for that words) It was horrible, those women in the front disk doing the checking of luggage were so slow, and what else? When you exceed the luggage to 10 kilos, they wouldn’t accept the payment in the same counter WHERE EXACTLY YOU ARE, but you need to again go for the other line which is also slow, and just one person was doing that. It was so annoying, and uncomfortable with their services. ( DON’T KNOW IF YOU EXPERIENCED EXACTLY THE SAME) I don’t know, but we just don’t have any other choice that time, so we just let it go; though it was so stressful waiting in the line, which was moving like turtle.

After we checked-in, we went to eat something, then go directly to the boarding gate. I thought from their I can breathe from all hustle, but oh yeah! I was wrong with that. According to boarding pass, “Be at the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure time.”Oh well yeah, of course. Maybe it must be opposite ones, it should be like this, “Be at the boarding gate after the said departure time.” There it would be just alright! Yeah, what makes us more crazy was that girl announcing the flights, or if there will be delays, was talking like just herself can hear her brilliant voice. I mean, hello! Does she even want to try make her voice a little bit louder because crowd are even louder than her, oh yeah! Nobody heard what she was saying, but herself alone!

Aside from that? My husband wanted to make sure that we didn’t change the boarding gate because it was supposed to be departure time of our flight but we are not even boarding (Means late). So he went to that woman announcing the information, flight cancellations, or delays; and asked her if there was delay, or changes with the gates guess what she respond to my husband? Here, “I ALREADY ANNOUNCED THAT SIR FEW MINUTES AGO”.

See my point? She doesn’t even answered what information we needed but instead told my husband that she already announced that delays of our flight. Hell yeah! How did she expected us to hear her mini-mouse voice over the crowd. You Barbie!

I am not saying this because I was really stress, but because how they makes their passengers really uncomfortable with their services. I am not alone who experienced that, and I am not sharing it because I am just a Filipina with foreign husband; if you are exactly there, you’ll experience and see that even our co-Filipinos were so angry with them. Slow, and uncomfortable with their so much delays!

After like I think an hour delay, we finally have a chance to get inside the plane, and we thought we will go immediately after; but then again, another 30 minutes of delay, because I really don’t know why! I don’t know why they have such horrible services. Okay, give us more delay! Before I forgot, there was someone waiting for us at Boracay Airport, who was waiting there more than hour because of “THIS AIRLINES  DELAY”.

One hour and 15 minutes flight to Boracay Island. I don’t even enjoy the flight, because it was a bumpy ride. Oh well wait, before I forgot; the said airline made a little fun while we were up in the air; game called “Bring me”. Maybe they were thinking, that they will make it up to all passengers. We are just glad we finally arrived to our destination, and arrived there safe. My husband was trying to calm me down from everything that happened the whole ” CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES ISSUE”. I was writing to my piece of notebook about everything that happened, so that I will never forgot to blog and share it with you guys.


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