The next morning in the Island was kind of bit raining, and not really ideal to be on the sea. First, we went to the laundry services, because most of our shorts, and t-shirts are all dirty, so we did sent it to the laundry services few minutes walk away from our resort. But since, it’s raining and my husband wanted to try riding in a tricycle; we did take tricycle to go at the laundry shop. First they asked us for 50 pesos, for that distance, and then after the laundry, we go directly to this called “D’Mall” it’s not exactly mall, but it is open-market. I did saw for first was this cute dress, and I never let it go with other people’s hand. (I bought it 🙂 ).



I think that was the first thing I bought. Then again, my husband and I bought this ice cream, which I exactly didn’t managed to eat all of it, because it was too big. While walking around the D’Mall, the huge rain just started, we haven’t umbrella, so we were waiting for it to stop, then we walked again. Restaurants are everywhere, shops for dresses and swim wear. I just love it there. The only problem was, there are not much garbage bin around the area. It makes me confused, though the area was clean. We were looking around to find at least one garbage bin, but never find any. So we just walked, with the empty cup from ice cream, wishing for garbage bin. 🙂

Well, after a while, we found one, and finally get rid of the garbage. My husband was just happy that I found cute dress for me. Well actually before we left D’Mall we went to another shop and buy one more dress and I really liked it.

It’s nice to roaming around the whole area for first, so next time; we knew where exactly to go; whether it’s about eating, or shopping for souvenirs, or maybe shopping for some cute dresses. Maybe next time, we won’t get lost. ( Don’t worry, it didn’t happen to us. Boracay is very small Island, I’m pretty sure nobody will get lost here.)

so we decided to finally went back to our place. We take tricycle again, and it cost us 60 pesos. I just told myself, “are they trying to scam us, because as far as I know, minimum rate is just 20 pesos, why they were always asking 50-60 pesos?” Maybe we needed to ask someone familiar to the place.

So we did arrived to our place, and as we expected; we were all wet from rain. We took shower and lay a little, then we decided to go to restaurant and eat something. We were hoping for sun! My husband was kind of little upset, about the weather. It was just raining whole day, and he really wanted to catch some color before we go back to Czech. We were sitting at the restaurant, and the Swedish guy saw us from a distance and again said “TATLAHA TATLAHA TATLAHA”. That was really funny, and then he was asking my husband how was the first night, and etc. I think, he love sea even if it’s raining he was still going. 🙂

Right after he left, my husband and I were laughing. It’s because he kept saying “TATLAHA”, Instead of “DO TOHO”. So after we ate, we went to our room, and rest a little. My husband says,”So what are we going to do here, it’s raining outside. Do you want massage?”

Well, even though I don’t want someone to touch my body because I am scared to be tickled , I still said “Yes, sure”. But of course, just my legs, feet, head and arms. My body is something they won’t get touch. 🙂 Only my husband, can!

My husband called the reception and ordered two massages. They arrived 30 minutes after our call, also because we needed a shower first before they ever do massaging. It was kind of romantic, because we were on the bed, and we still have chance to hold hands, and look at each others hand. For first, I don’t understand what was the woman talking about, because they speak “Visayas language”and I really don’t speak and familiar to their language. I just do speak “Tagalog, and English”. Because of my curiosity, I did asked woman, what was that all about, and she explained to me in Tagalog, that they were talking about their boss. 🙂 Cool!

Back to their massage! They were good, and I almost feel asleep. 🙂 My body was so relax but that girl said that I might experience some kind of headache because she felt some muscle around my neck, which isn’t good; according to her. Well, honestly? I am experiencing often headache, and etc. I thought it was nothing, but as she said it was about some muscles or veins around my neck. After massage, it was fine! I don’t feel the headache, and even few days right after that. Maybe she made it to disappear. 🙂


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