Rain or shine, that’s how we do it. The next morning we woke we headed out to breakfast, and there was one man outside the gate of the resort and asked my husband if he wanted to do some activity that day. So my husband said yes, and around 3:00 in the afternoon he is going to wait for us to the gate to do the said activity.

After breakfast, we went back to our room and put our swim wear on! It was a little sunny in the morning so we took the chance. Oh well, I don’t know how to swim, I told my husband I’m just going to lay and burn myself out, but since I saw that the water was so lovely, I also went to water and even though I don’t know how to swim, we still managed to make it fun! Oh yeah, my husband kept trying to teach me how to swim, try to teach me how to float, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I don’t know exactly why, but I really can’t float! (Makes me so mad) I mean I did everything what my husband told me to do so,but I just can’t float! I tried to swim before on the swimming pool with my sister and cousin, I learned but never tried it since then, so I probably forgot how to. Now, I can’t swim, I can’t float! 😦 I was just sad to think about that! My husband faded it away, because we played, he was holding me the whole time, and I was trying to ride on him. 😀 It was really fun, and since my husband was also desperate to teach me how to swim; he wanted to throw me on the water, so he did tried to catch me, but no,no… he doesn’t have success with that. I mean, if he wanted to really teach me, then teach me the normal way, not like drowning me to water in order to swim. 🙂

Anicka after the swimming lesson with Husband. :D

Anicka after the swimming lesson with Husband. 😀

Lovely place at Boracay Island

Lovely place at Boracay Island

After swimming, we walked a little to the same area, and took some photo with this interesting place at Boracay Island.

After we have a little sunburn, we headed back to our room, and took shower. We ate, and then walked along the beach headed to D’Mall; yeah you can also just walk to reach D’Mall because it was accessible from the beach. It was a long walk though, but it’s worth it, because you’ll see different resorts, and children playing around on sands. As far as I remembered, we went there to D’Mall because I wanted to buy some short, ‘cuz I don’t have any. I have just jeans, and dress. But as we arrived there at D’Mall, dresses are just everywhere and can’t help myself, but to look for it, and we ended up to “NO SHORTS”. Yeah, I didn’t buy any short, or even a dress, (Giggling) I don’t know, I just love to window shop maybe! 🙂 I did kept my money inside my wallet, to make sure I won’t spend so much during our vacation. 😉 Wise!

We again walked back to our room, change clothes, and ready to hit the road for some activity. Well, unlucky because the rain just came, and of course we almost doubt to go but my husband can’t be stop. So we met the guy at the gate, and we ride in the car headed to the spot for such activity. Since I am scared I didn’t tried any of those, just my husband does! First was “Zipline”, I was scared for my husband, because he has phobia on high area, and also it was raining. I just don’t feel comfortable for him. But he still made it. After that, he tried this “Zorb”. It was kind of cool, and it’s really funny to see him rolling around inside the huge balloon. 🙂

My husband on his Zipline adventure.

My husband on his Zipline adventure.

My husband inside the huge balloon. The Zorb adventure. :)

My husband inside the huge balloon. The Zorb adventure. 🙂

Happy husband, after Zorb.

Happy husband, after Zorb.

I just took photos as much as I can! Well, about that day, we just been scammed by that man who guide us to that activity. We paid 3,000 pesos for these two activities, and we remembered that it supposed to be just 2,200 pesos or maybe just 1,700 pesos. I meant, we noticed it, too late! My husband still made it to get in touch with that guy, he said he wants more activity maybe tomorrow morning again! ( That’s how my husband made him believed that he’s going to have more activity from him, but it was because the next morning he’s going to confront him)

That moment I tried to calm him down, because he was shaking a little and really mad. I said, “Just let it go”. Unexpectedly he said ,”That money, is supposed to be for one more dress for you”. It was sweet from him, thinking about buying me a dress. 🙂 So I told him, we will do something about it tomorrow. While we were eating, he started to calm down. He said he just wanted to trust people as much as possible, but he didn’t expect that someone is going to do something like that to us. (He meant it like, we were good to everyone, and trying to be more friendly even in every stranger we met but look what just happened.)

At night after the scammer issue; my husband wanted to try the bar. I mean it was cute bar, and there is no harm to try them. So it’s not quite far because it’s bar of our resort. We sat, and enjoyed the drinks. Well, me I just have mango shakes, and my husband has cocktails. As in many of them! 🙂 He first tried, “Maj thai”, I think that’s his favorite cocktail, but he did tried more different kind of cocktails. He was impressed by this bar man named “Reymond” ( special thanks for a nice and yummy cocktail 🙂 ) He was good at it! I mean my husband really liked all the cocktails he was preparing for him. Then that man offered my husband to try this cocktail called “ Mojito”. Since my husband tried it before (Other country) and it wasn’t that good taste, he refused. He said, “Maybe tomorrow”. Though I knew that he will probably not drink it, because he doesn’t like the taste of this cocktail from before. The bar man said, they are making good “Mojito”, in the bar.

Cocktail, and Shake

Cocktail, and Shake

Let see if it’s really good. Next topic.. 🙂


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