A man in Blue t-shirt, the one who scams us.

A man in Blue t-shirt, the one who scams us.

The next morning, we were thinking if scammer is going to show up to resort gate( who was still expecting that we wanted another activity that day; but the truth was; we are going to get some of our money back! ). So after we prepared ourselves, have shower and etc. we directly headed on the way to restaurant and will eat something. So as we walked and reached the gate, we saw the scammer’s face smiling to us, and confident about what he did the previous day.

So when we approached, he immediately said “Sport activity sir?” my husband grabbed the list for some activity and while he was looking into it he said “So do you have our money?”. The scammer obviously doesn’t understood what my husband was talking about, because he kept saying “Jet-ski sir, good one.” Then again my husband repeated what he said if he has our money, and scammer understood it a little. He said, “what money?”.

Money you took from us yesterday, do you have it here with you?” my husband responded.

Everyone didn’t know what was happening so the security guard started to ask me, if we have change that the scammer doesn’t return to us yesterday. So I explained everything to him, and told him that guy standing with us, over-charged us for our previous activity. ( Proven by the price-list)

From that conversation the scammer started to understood what we wanted from him. He said, “There is no problem, I will give you money.”

From what he just said, it’s pretty obvious that he knew what he did. He is guilty of over-charging us. My husband told him to return 800 pesos to us, and the scammer immediately respond that just 700, because that’s how it cost. Well, my husband said, “Now you know how much exactly it cost? Now that we are getting it from you?”

My husband wasn’t calm, and obviously shaking because of anger. The scammer guy gave us 1,000 pesos and still waiting for 300 pesos change. My husband told me to just give 200 instead of 300, because he doesn’t deserve that. As soon as we gave him the change, we just left and never ever tried to get any activity from him. No more! My husband immediately gave the money to me and he said, “Now it’s for your dress; Nobody will take our money, specially when it is supposed to be for your dress.”

I just smiled and said, “So you can calm yourself down now. It’s over! Thank you”.

While we were sitting at the restaurant, I saw from the distance that the scammer left the place. I don’t know exactly what he was thinking that time, because anytime he can just do bad things to us. You know bring some local friends and do something bad. 😦 After few minutes, I am still bothered and I every time looked at the gate if he was there; then I saw him walking back to the gate, lie he wasn’t sure what he will do. I saw him walking back and forth.

Anyway, the same day; I asked the security guard how much exactly is tricycle fare. Well, the result was fine. They were not making fool of us. So we took the tricycle and picked-up our laundry, then we headed back to our room; changed our clothes to swim wear and went to sea, and catches some colors. We were again playing and my husband tried to teach me again how to swim, which never been successful. 🙂 We were so burned from the sun, and so we didn’t stay much to water, and weather was really friendly that day. We went back to room, then took shower, and then again walked along the beach, and tried this “German Steak”. According to what we read over the internet; that restaurant was preparing good sausage and steak, exactly how it is taste and made in Germany.

At German steak restaurant.

At German steak restaurant.

So we were craving to try it. The food was good when they served it, but the problem was that; employee were so slow, and didn’t even give us our drink for first. (Which supposed to be served upon ordering) My husband got pissed-off again, so he did call the attention of the lady waitress and asked for our drinks. And you now what she responded? “Drinks sir? Okay!” She doesn’t even tried to apologies for not giving us our drinks. It was so hot and warm that day, so we were so thirsty.

Anyway, their food was great, except that, the waitress is a little bit slow, and not serving the drinks upon placing the order.

The Sunset at Boracay Island

The Sunset at Boracay Island

So after we ate, we just go again along the island and tried to find something interesting; and we headed back to our place. We stopped to our resort bar, and finally my husband tried their “Mojito”, which according to the bar man named “Reymond”, was good and surely that my husband would like it.

My husband really like it. He finally said that they were really making awesome cocktail in that Bar. Well, I can’t really taste it because I don’t drink any alcohol. Well, since it was good ones, then he took twice of that, or maybe three. 🙂

There… my husband’s day and I went well, and fabulous!

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  1. Glad you got your money back from the scammer. Mohitjo are pretty good. If you don’t drink alcohol I bet they could come up with a non alcoholic version for you.

    • We are really thankful that we got our money back, or else my husband would do something bad to him, which of course I don’t want to happen. (I don’t want my husband in any kind of trouble, guilty or not) 🙂
      I remembered, my husband asked me to try to taste his cocktail, and when I did…. OMG… I almost spit it… It’s really not for me. Mojito,, I saw yesterday at KFC Mojito which does not have alcohol in it.. but I refused to try.. 😀 I’m a hard headed sometimes..

      • Haha yeah it’s not for everyone. I can only drink it if I’m done eating or only drinking that because it messed up the taste of everything else.

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