Spring Fashion Czech Republic

What makes me feel so good about spring is that “Fashion“. I’m not saying that I am waiting for this season to make feel good about myself in a way of putting some sexy  fabulous clothes on me. Not really!

The truth is, I am really a big fan of those cute collection for spring clothes, shoes, and accessories; and of course less clothes on. No need to wear  heavy winter coat, or heavy boots, in order to feel comfortable about the weather. Spring, is kind of freedom for me, well of course summer is even better, but since I am not a big fan of sun; I rather stick into spring, which has a little cold and a little warm feeling. Therefore, when my husband and I went shopping, we stopped-by into some shoe shop, and it was a little heaven for me to see those cute and colorful spring collection. Well, this does not make any easier. Lovely shoes, its hard to pick which will stand out, and something extra different from my other collection from previous year.

When it comes to Fashion and buying clothes or anything that I will put on me, I often asked for my husband’s opinion. Whatever he thinks is good for me, and will suits me, then I’m pretty much sure that I will buy it. Well, can’t blame me for that, because he’s the only reason why I wanted to look wonderful and gorgeous anytime, anywhere.

So when we stopped at the local shop, my husband told me that this sandals suits me so I bought it for 1,000kc.

I bought from local shop here in Czech Republic.

I bought from local shop here in Czech Republic.

And the good thing is that, I already have some dress that will surely match with this sandals so I think it will work just fine.

Spring fashion, it’s everywhere! As soon as winter season ended; shops will surprise you with every single colorful garments they have. Different style, curve, and color for different type of people. Old collections are not so bad at all, because you can wear it, for the next time.

 I actually have the old collection of some skirts and dresses from previous year which not actually daring, I kind of used it from time to time specially when I felt like dying from warm weather, I just felt like I can breathe freely with soft skirts, and dress. Good for weather which sometimes warmer, and sometimes a little colder.

During spring, flowers are blooming, so I guess I must go with the flow. If flowers are blooming, then I believed that I should also bloom like flower. When you say “Spring“, then it must be followed by the word “Dress“.  When you visit the shop here in Czech Republic, most stuff they have are those colorful dress with different length. The only problem is that, I don’t want to have dress which have similar color, and design, and that makes it harder for me to buy dress for spring season.

 I just don’t like surprises, like for example; I am walking in some place either mall or park and then I would be surprised that there will be one lady wearing same dress like I am wearing at the same time.

You are now probably really confuse about what I am saying right now. Well of course it doesn’t mean that you have to wear only dress during spring. It’s just common here, and I think it’s lovely. Anyway, most women who’s wearing dress are those adult, married and old people. Teenagers? Well, they usually used  short skirt, colorful shorts, matched with colorful shoes. That’s what I observed!

So enjoy the your Spring Fashion!!!

I am going to put some photo but I guess I needed my husband’s permission. So keep reading!

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