Telč Czech Republic

Telč is one of the smallest cities here in Czech Republic. Last year, my husband and I were planning to go there, but we never had any chance. Therefore, when we arrived here in Czech Republic from our vacation in the Philippines this year, we decided to finally visit the city of Telč. My husband and I invited my mother in-law and his Auntie to go with us. It was thirty (30) minutes’ drive from the city of Jihlava where we are residing.

Telč Czech Republic

Telč Czech Republic

When we arrived to the city, I was pretty impressed because Telč city center is kind of different from our city center here in Jihlava. I saw each building painted in different color, which is kind of cool for me. I mean in our city we never have such. I also observed that they have more tourists in that city than in Jihlava. I saw Japanese, other Asians and some people who speak English.

Building painted with different colors.

Building painted with different colors.

They don’t have shopping mall at the city center. My husband told me that Telč is smaller than our city so it is not good idea to have shopping mall for such small city. Well, they have local shops everywhere so it’s not a problem if you are shopaholic. I also saw some local supermarkets, so it’s really not a big deal to not have shopping mall.

I wanted to take some photo from the time we stepped at the center of the city, but since we are in a hurry, I had chance to do it, before we left the city.

First place we visited was this called Zámek Telč. It is like a castle or palaces, which is now used for tourist attraction, school trip, and some parts are used for the wedding ceremony. When we were there, there are many weddings line-up. After one ceremony was finished, then there will be another one to be followed. For the first, I thought that just locals are using that for wedding ceremony, but then I realized that some nations are also traveling to get married in a castle. Well, I will not come to that idea not after I heard those people speaking pure English, and seems like they are from somewhere else. I really don’t know, because I never care to ask. (Giggling)

Since we are already in Telč, my in-laws wanted to have one hour tour inside the Zámek so we waited few more hours to be able to catch the other batch to get inside for a tour. While waiting, we went to Zámek garden to look around while newlywed couples are taking photos on the other part.

Zámek Telč  garden.

Zámek Telč garden.

After that, we went to park located at the back of Zámek. The air was awesome, and views are just helping to refresh mind. While walking, I saw this one extra different tree that really caught my attention among others.

Tree I was talking about. Extra different form.

Tree I was talking about. Extra different form.

On the other side was this small Island surrounded by water. It’s just cool, because it really seems that they have creative nature right there.

Right behind us, was the mini Island in Telč Park.

Right behind us, was the mini Island in Telč Park.

While we were waiting for our batch to start the tour, I saw that they are selling collectible these coins with image of Telč and written word Zámek. It cost just  50 crowns, so I asked my husband to buy me one as souvenir. After that, the tour guide finally announced that we are ready to get inside the Zámek, but unfortunately the camera wasn’t allowed. I was disappointed because I really wanted to have photo documented. I mean, we paid for the tour and of course everything whats inside were all interesting, but we are sorry that they wont allow photo inside, but they do allow people to take photo in the terrace which is completely nothing right there.

Telč souvenir coin for only 50 crowns

Telč souvenir coin for only 50 crowns

However, I still enjoy the tour. It was awesome inside, and you will see those more than hundred years old tea cups and armors and many more. How I really wish I have at least few photo from the inside, but suddenly not.

Well then, if you are somewhere here in Czech Republic, you might like to visit the city of Telč.

2 comments on “Telč Czech Republic

  1. Dear Anicka,

    I really enjoy your blog with different type of topics and information. Even for small city, you have given lots of information and one can start to think for this city to visit.

    I can say that small cities have their own natural beauty and we should not develop them any more. Coz small vendors can earn easily if city doesn’t has big shopping mall.

    Your language is simple & easy and at the same time, you are using various words to make the whole blog readable.

    I will be in Prague from 3rd to 10th June (next month) for business visit. If I have some time, I will use your blog to visit any nearby place.

    Thanks & keep posting.



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