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First time I arrived here in Czech Republic. Photo taken in Prague.

First time I arrived here in Czech Republic. Photo taken in Prague.

When I married my husband and moved here in Czech Republic; there are many things that have changed; place, nature, language, people to mingle and etc. There are things that I adopt already, and many things which I still kept trying to do, but it never occur to me that there are plenty of those which I must really learn, and I guess some of them are not even happening.

Last night I was thinking, and finally realized that I still have things to do in my life. First I was upset but then again, I wanted to do it as soon as possible. I wanted to learn everything which I haven’t learned yet. So here are the lists which you might find really simple and you might laugh at me and ask why I haven’t tried to do so.

BAKING: Ever since, I love cake, cookies, and muffins. My mother in-law used to bring me baked goods, once in a while. Last night, I can’t sleep and I thought about all about this stuff and I became sad. There are the words “What if?”

Someday soon, we are going to have our own children, and what if they will have birthday; they will look forward to have birthday cake, and I think it’s better if it’s homemade. What if during Christmas they will ask for Christmas cookies, and I can’t offer them anything. There are many “What if?”

But last night, I was thinking mostly about my husband. All I wanted to do is to make him a birthday cake to his birthday. I have plenty of time to practice, and hopefully make it perfect. Well, all I have to do is to look for recipe over the internet.

I hope I can make it and finally start baking, because I am really not much into it. So help me God!

HOMEMADE SOUP: In the Philippines, we actually are not making soup. Maybe because it’s already hot weather, and I think soup is not so ideal for such weather. I don’t really know the reason why.

Here in Czech Republic, they usually make their soup, and I became one of those people who love it. Speaking of soup, my mother in-law is preparing really good homemade beef noodles soup and from time to time she is preparing it just for both of us. (Husband and Wife) I really love to do it too, and maybe all I need to do is ask my mother in-law for good recipe.

I know, you guys may think it’s really easy, but for me who is not really fan of cooking; it might take a while before I am able to make some homemade good soup.

CZECH TRADITIONAL FOOD: So here is the problem around here. My husband isn’t a good lover of Filipino food. For the first time in my life being married in specific, I cooked and prepared food for my husband, but it doesn’t have any good outcome at all. (Giggling) He tried to eat but he doesn’t like it. So I tried some other more, but there of course it is the same outcome like the first ones.

Every time I think about it, I always laugh and deep inside there is always a feeling of wanting to learn their traditional food here in Czech in order to be a good wife. Well, I am not saying that I am not a good wife at all, but if being good wife is based into cooking ability well then, I am totally the worst wife ever! So, I guess it’s time to learn more of their traditional food so my husband will finally be able to eat something acceptable for his tummy.

So let’s begin to gather recipe of their food.

MAKE FRIENDS: I am a person who is terrible in making friends. One reason is that I don’t smile to strangers, or anyone around who happened to be unknown for me. My husband told me once “Honey if you wanted to make friends, then you probably needs to learn how to smile first.”

He is 100% true about it, but it is really not just about that. I am really type of person who is serious and mostly other person who doesn’t know me at all may think I am mad or sad and maybe had a bad mood to approach. Well, sorry for me, because I knew I wouldn’t make friends with such a face.

Anyway, I am doing the best I can. I am trying to smile often when I encountered neighbors at the hall or anyone around. So I hope before end of the year, I can count someone as friend. (Giggling)

SPEAK TO LOCAL: I always wanted to talk to some other local, probably just to make conversation with them and soon invite them to coffee at home with my husband. Well then, it’s not so easy because nobody tries to speak English, and I can’t too because I don’t speak much Czech.

The first time I made a conversation with locals is when I received a packaged twice. The delivery man gave the package to me, because my husband was at work by that time. I spoke to him though, and finally practice a little my Czech language. Not perfect but good start!

CZECH LANGUAGE: So here is my biggest problem, their local language here in Czech Republic. I have been learning and so far, I think I am doing better. I realized that when you moved to other country with different language; it is going to be the one and main reason that will stop you from moving and doing things around. Everything is going to be limited!

Ever since I moved here in Czech I always wanted to learn faster. I am just sad, that I am still not good at it, and it makes me so stress and depress all the time I thought about how I am wasting my time from doing nothing which I am able to, if only I knew how to speak Czech.

 So I guess that is all for now. I will follow the others once it came to visit my head at night again. Sad to say, the last one was the hardest one.

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  1. I like baking but my husband doesn’t like sweets much so I don’t get to do it too often. I have never tried to make homemade soup but I should sometime. Online is definitely a good place to look for recipes. I have found a lot that way. I never used to have a problem making friends. I have always made them easily wherever I go. Germany has been another story since I have pretty much been isolated so that’s on my list here too. I’ve spoken to a couple locals but it’s so hard because I only understand and can speak bits and pieces but it is incentive to keep learning.

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